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House Survey Explained | Our Surveyor Missed A Problem With The House

Grab a cuppa, it’s going to be a long one… When you buy a property, one of the steps you have to go through before you can complete, is to get a survey done. For those of you who are completely new to the home-buying experience and are unaware of what this is, it’s when you hire a surveyor to go to the property and they check for things like; wall structure, damp, mould, uneven floors, poor windows, double glazing and so on.

Life Update | We're Buying A House

I’ve seen people do the ‘We Bought A House’ post and I thought I’d switch it up a bit a do a ‘We’re Buying A House’ instead! I had originally planned to do the first, but I feel like so much has happened during our process, it would just be a never-ending post. So with this one, I'll be summarising our experience as a whole and eventually, in time, I'll write separate post's relating to different stages in more detail.

Jo Malone Dupes | First Impressions | Aldi

Last year Aldi brought out a range of items that very closely resembled the Jo Malone collection. It was talked about everywhere, but by the time I managed to get myself to an Aldi store, it had all sold out! Since then, I've changed jobs and my new job has one just over the road. Because of that, I've become a bit of an Aldi addict the past few months and a colleague and I make it our duty to go at least once a week, when they get new stock in. At the beginnging of March we took our weekly trip to the store and to our surprise, they had their Jo Malone dupes in again. This time I wasn't missing out!!

Clayton Hotel | Overnight Stay In Birmingham | Review

Back before Christmas, Terry and I once again headed to Birmingham for the Christmas Market. We'd been the previous year and stayed at the lovely AC Hotel (read that review here) and although we really wanted to return last year, we thought we'd try somewhere new. After having a look online at some of the best reviews and locations within our budget, we decided to try Clayton hotel, (which is formally known as Hotel La Tour).

TV Series I've Watched Lately | All Available On Netflix | Part 3

As I've just finished yet another series, I thought it was time to recap over the past few months and share with you the shows I've been binging on. Let me just say that £7.99 spent each month, is the best £7.99 I've ever spent. I used to watch my shows on other sites, but the quality wasn't always there and unless I did a bit of research, I never knew what to watch next. So thank you Netflix for coming into my life! Please never leave me!!

Maybelline Tattoo Brow | Is It Really Worth The Hype?

Believe it or not this post was originally started back in September last year! I've been away from the blog for months and I'm finally going back through the drafts I started last year and getting them finished and uploaded. So although the Maybelline Tattoo Brow isn't a new product anymore as it's been out for a few months, I still wanted to share my own thoughts with you, as I've seen a lot of different opinions on this gel.