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One disadvantage about the house is lack of storage. We don’t have any cupboards apart from one that used to be the airing cupboard before we removed the tank. It'll eventually house towels in the top half since its next door to the bathroom, and cleaning appliances, such as the vacuum cleaner and mop etc at the bottom, purely because there is no where else to store them. Because of this, we’ve got to be smart about the pieces of furniture we chose and try to make the most of the space we do have.

I spent months looking for a sideboard that would tick all the boxes we wanted, but because of the narrow depth we needed, it proved to be a very difficult task.
The gap we have can fit a cupboard up to 170cm in length, which doesn't sound like a problem right? But, as I mentioned, its the depth that was the problem, not so much the length. The depth we needed was 30cm, so it didn’t stick out in front of the kitchen door frame. 36cm would be our absolute max and although it would stick out by a centimetre or two, I had hope it wouldn’t make that much of a difference.

After some research I came to find that console tables were the perfect depth. Most of them 30cm or under 36cm which meant they would fit. The problem there, is that most of them were only around 100-120cm in length and although they have a drawer or two, there’s no storage underneath them. Sideboards on the other hand were a perfect length. You can get them in many size, a lot of them being 120-170cm in length (what we wanted), but they were too deep. The majority of them being 42-46cm meaning it would block the kitchen door!

Just when I was starting to accept the fact we weren’t going to find the size we needed and we’d have to compromise, I decided to head to trusty Pinterest to see if there were any simple DIY’s on making your own sideboard. Which by the way, there are a few and I did consider it, until I saw a picture of one that looked long and narrow – just what I was looking for! ..And that’s when I discovered the IKEA Ivar hack!

Photo taken from The Wall Whisperer blog
Photo taken from Rumm Hemma blog.
Photo taken from Ljuva Magnolia blog
Last night we took a trip to our local IKEA and purchased two Ivar cabinets. Each cupboard measures 80cm wide, 83cm high, by 30cm deep. Meaning side by side, we will have a total width/length of 160cm! Just shy of 10cm to what we wanted, but with the exact depth we hoped for, no walking into it as we walk in from the kitchen!
The Ivar cupboards are a blank canvas and I know just what I want to do with them.
Photo taken from IKEA
So, watch this space for the transformation and to see what I do with ours. In the meantime, why not check out my new, home Instagram account where you may see a sneak peek before it’s on here ;)

Love Hannah xx

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