DIY Decorative String Art

So since it's the week of looove, I thought I'd share with you a DIY project I did this time last year. It wasn't intentional for it to be a Valentines gift, but since it was around that time that I made it, I decided to gift it to my boyfriend. Don't worry once I have my bedroom re-decorated and shelves/cabinets in need of some decor, I'll be stealing it back off of him; it's just there for safe keeping ;)

This particular craft will require more of your time than my others so far AND a lot of patience! But it does produce a beautiful gift/decoration so I think it's totally worth it!

Now for the purpose of this design, I used a simple heart shape for my first attempt. I then went on to make a word the same way, (which you can find below). The choice is yours and the design possibilities are endless. 

• Your chosen design on a piece of paper (or you can always sketch your designs if you wish)
• A piece of wood 
• Sandpaper
• Hammer 
• Nails (I used 20mm ones)
• Scissors
• Some sort of tape to hold your design in place
• Varnish or paint to decorate your piece of wood.
• Paint brush or cloth (depending on how you decide to cover your wood)

Start off by sanding your block of wood to remove any rough surfaces. 

Once you've smoothed out your wood you can now paint it. I decided to use varnish on mine. So grab your brush and apply a generous amount over your wood. 

Allow the varnish to soak into the wood for around 10 minutes. Grab some kitchen towels or a cloth and wipe away any excess. 

Leave it to dry and you'll be left with something like this...

Cut out your chosen design and secure it to your wood.

Grab you nails and hammer and start to hammer them in around your design. Make sure to leave a third sticking out.

Carry on going all the way around your design. The spaces in between are up to you. I wanted to keep mine close together for a tighter looking design.

Remove your paper and you should now have a design outline to work with.

Grab your string and tie a double knot onto one of the nails. 

This step is optional, but I find it looks neater with an outline.. So once you have tied your knot, pull your string to the nail next to it, wrap it around once and move on to the one next to that. Carry on doing so until you're back to the first nail. If I haven't expanded that very clearly for you, hopefully the picture will give you a better understanding of how it should look. 

Now you've got the outline done, you can start to wrap your string to random nails. There is no right or wrong direction from here. It's just a case of wrapping the string around each nail on opposite sides. Keep doing this until you are satisfied with the coverage you have.

Again this step is optional, but to finish mine off I went ahead and repeated step nine. This gives it another outline on top and in my opinion "finishes it off".

Finally tie another double/triple know around a nail and cut off your piece of sting.

There you have it; a new piece of decor you can admire and say you made whenever someone asks where you got it from! I hope you enjoyed this DIY post and remember, if you give it a go yourself i would love to see the outcome.
Enjoy your week guys and i hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day whether you celebrate it or not.

Love Hannah xx

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*PS. If you're wondering why each phot has a "wevideo" mark in the corner, its because i uploaded a video tutorial of this on YouTube last year. Its not the best but if you'd like to see it you can find it HERE


  1. Great post Hannah! It looks amazing! Wish I could be as handy as you! x

    1. Thanks Beckie :) I believe everyone can do it if they just take some time away from the busy day to day life. Hannah xx

  2. Wow, this looks amazing, you're really creative!x

  3. Wow it's amazing, I can't believe you made it! xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Thanks Gemma :) glad you like it! It is pretty simple, it's just a little time consuming. Hannah xx

  4. this DIY, it look amazing! Would you like to follow each other? if you decided to follow me on BLOGLOVIN and Instagram please let me know so I can follow you back. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for passing by Joice I will pop by your site soon to have a nose :) Hannah xx

  5. Oh WOW! Girlie, that is absolutely unreal! You put soooo much effort and work into it and this is honestly one of the best DIYs I've seen around the blogosphere! Blown away! Well done!!
    xox Nadia

    1. *blushes* aww thanks hun that's really sweet! As I say it is pretty simple it's just a little time consuming. But if you have a busy schedule it can always be done a little each day. Hannah xx