25 Facts About Me

Wohoo it's my birthday!! Yep today the 10th February the day this post is going up...
Okay so I'm not really as excited as I sound. It's got to that point where I start to dread the next birthday; another year older, another year being closer to 30 (not that there's anything wrong with being 30 I might add, it's just the next milestone closest to me to moan about)!

Another year to make me realise I am an extra year older and yet still living at home where I can't bloody afford anything!! Another year older and I still don't really know what I want to do with my life! Yeah can you guess... I hate birthdays?!

This week Terry and I both have the week off, so it's nice we'll be having a relaxing week spent together. Not too sure what we'll be doing for my birthday in all honesty. Nothing crazy, maybe go out for a meal or afternoon tea? Who know I'm writing this post a week early so I guess we have a week to plan!

For today's post since I thought I would share with you all, 25 fact about me you may or may not already know. It's just a silly light heated post and thought it may help you get to know me a bit better.
1) I was born in 1991, thus making me 25 today.
2) I have an amazing, supportive boyfriend called Terry, whom I have been with for 6 years next month and I love him to bits!!
3) I have a fur baby in the form of a cat called Ruby, she's also 6 this year.
4) I really want to get a French Bulldog!
5) I have two old sisters.
6) I paint/upcycle furniture.
7) I am a total newbie with the blogging world!
8) I really want a Fiat 500 convertible in pure white, or if we're really dreaming then an Audi A3 convertible in white please :)
9) Terry and I hope to open up our own shop within the next few years. No spoilers at this point though I'm afraid! 
10) I currently have an obsession with all things rose gold/copper. 
11) I'm a really emotional person. I'll cry when I'm really happy, sad and especially when I'm angry.
12) I don't like to cry in front of people.
13) The one and only concert I've been to was Justin Timberlake's when I was about 13.
14) When I'm older, I want to live abroad. Not too sure on the location just yet though.
15) Even though I love to shop, I don't like spending money! I'll always try to find a cheaper alternative of a similar standard whenever I can. Or wait until it's on sale ;)
16) I passed my driving test in 2012, but I only actually started driving last year (2015)!
17) I love good food! Foreign stuff mainly; I don't like your typical English food (roast, sausage and mash etc) sorry guys!!
18) When I left school at 16 I went on to do a makeup course at college. Due to travel and location I never ended up finishing it :(
19) Had my first job at the age of 13 in a pet shop/grooming parlour.
20) I am definitely not a morning person. You wake me up with loud noises or a rude awakening, I will feel like punching you in the face lol! I wouldn't of course, but I sure will be in a foul mood!
21) My best holiday to date, was a three week trip to America for Christmas in 2014. Terry and I visited LA, Vegas and New York.
22) My first pet was a black rabbit named Sweetie, when I was about 5/6
23) I am a slight nerd when it comes to computer games! Love a good adventure game to get into.
24) When I turned 18 I got a kitten whom I named Hugo. He was my baby. Used to come running like a dog when I called him, sat on my shoulders while I did my makeup and used to share my pillow at night! Unfortunately he passed away in 2012 and it broke my heart.
25) I've just found out I clearly can't be that interesting, as thinking of the last 10 were a little tricky haha!!

That's all for today guys! Hope you feel like you know me a little better and hopefully I haven't bored you with my facts haha :) I'll attach a few photos for you if i manage to find any at short notice.

Why not share 2 facts of your own in the comments? Help me get to know you a little better?! Enjoy the rest of your week guys..

Love Hannah xx

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Hugo - i was about 18 here.
Younger me flashing my bits haha
Keeping dry on a ride at Legoland - my hair gets wet for no one if i can help it haha
Hugo sharing my pillow
For my 18th a few friends and i went to a rave dressed in neon and tutus!


  1. Happy Birthday! xx I really enjoyed reading this post and that baby picture is so cute! I also have an obsession with copper, I even got a copper lamp in my bedroom. And no, I'm not a morning person, either, I can't function before a cup of tea haha. x


  2. Hey thanks Mira :) aww I'm so glad it didn't bore you, was unsure if people would be interested haha! I keep looking at a lovely copper floor lamp I may get, but not sure yet. Oh yes tea or a coffee in the morning is a definite must for me! I too won't be able to function without haha. Love Hannah xx

  3. Hey Hannah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I just came across your blog! Im new to blogging too! I love reading facts about people (without sounding too stalkerish)

    A few facts about me I live in New Zealand and I'm 23, I also have a fur ball by the name of Nala and an almost 1 year old son called Leo :)


    1. Hi Cynta, nice to meet you and thank you for passing by my blog. Thanks for the bday wishes :) not sounding like a stalker at all I feel the same way, so if that's the case maybe I'm one too haha?! Oh NZ, how lovely. Aww is Nala a cat or a dog? Bet your little mans a cutie, what a nice name. Hannah x

  4. Neon tutu's are a right of passage for sure haha XX

  5. We have quite a bit in common ;) I have a fur baby in the form of a puppy named Apollo, I'm obsessed with all things copper, I cry when I get angry haha and of course I hate crying in front of everyone.. people think I have zero emotion sometimes! I nerd out on the Sims computer game. Kind of embarrassing to admit that! I started working when I was 14 because that is the youngest, legal age you can work in the US. Blegh. Thanks for sharing these lovely tid bits about you!

    1. Hey Cortney. Ahh thats so funny we are very alike. Oh yeah my mum thinks i have no emotion lol but would rather that than her thinking i cry at everything haha! Oh i love the sims! Now i have my MacBook i really wanna get it again haven't played it in so long. I also get a bit obsessive over Assassins Creed!! Hannah xx