Pay Day Wish List | Things I'll Be Buying

By the time this post goes live, I will in fact be doing a little happy dance, as payday has finally come. Gosh I hate monthly pay!! For years I've been on weekly, it's definitely a shock to the system. With the exception of the three items, everything on my wish list is under £10.

You know me, I do like my bargains!
Other than paying of my credit card bills *cry face* I plan to treat myself to a few goodies this weekend. 

Since I haven't got a full months wage this month, I can't really go overboard with the spending; hence why I've kept it nice and low.
1. This pineapple dish caught my eye. Anything copper/gold and a pineapple shape, I'm a sucker for.
Only £5 from ASDA.

2. Next is this artificial daisy in a vase. Standing at just 20cm tall, I thought it would be a great additional to my ever-growing prop box.
£4 from ASDA.

3. Something cute and lighthearted and simply because it's too adorable not to!
£1.50 from PRIMARK.

4. I love patterned tops and think this will look great in the summer with either jeans or shorts?
£10 from ASDA.

5. This book was of interest when it first come out and I just forgot about it. Hopefully this time I'll get around to purchasing it.
Prices vary around the £10 mark and you can buy from a few places online, or your local bookstore.

6. These may not be to everyones taste, but I love them. I'm really into this embroidery trend and as soon as I saw these a couple of months back; I knew I wanted a pair come Spring.
£11.99 from EBAY.

7. There are more colours available, but these three in particular are ones I want to add to my summer wardrobe. I really got into wearing jeans last year and can't wait to add to my collection.
Just £7 each and again all ASDA.

8. Another book to add to my collection, with "mindfulness for busy people". Can you see a theme yet with the books?
Secondhand, only £2.80 on EBAY.

9. The third and final book in my list. I saw Haemin Sunim (the author) on the Sunday brunch show a few weeks back and know I had to get his book. The book contains short paragraphs, almost like quotes I guess. Full of uplifting words from a zen monk.
Currently £6.99 on AMAZON.

10. Because I seem to think I need more shorts and just because they're cute and have flamingos on them. £10 from ASDA.

11. This gold leaf dish would make another great additional to my prop box. For the price it would be rude not to right?
£3 from PRIMARK.

12. I was given a sample tube of this from an event I attended a few weeks back and I decided I definitely want the full size. Post coming soon about this cleansing balm.
£16.50 from FABLED.

13. Again, I'm a fan of print and these legging are not only pretty, but they're gym-like material. Meaning they hold you in place unlike regular legging do. By the way they've got a matching sports bra and racer vest. I might just have to get all three to have a set ;)
£12 again ASDA.

14. And finally.. This geometric, copper, lamp/light thingy. Don't really know what to call it, but it looks cool.
£5 from PRIMARK.

So by the time I am now here on the post, I have in fact ordered two of the three books and the cleansing balm and plan to head to ASDA and the other stores pretty soon :)

Have you got any of the above items? What are your favourite pieces from my list?

Love Hannah xx


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