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 Sometimes it's nice to take a spontaneous trip. Whether that be for the day, for the night, or if you're lucky enough; somewhere abroad where you can really escape. A couple of weeks ago Terry and I took a last minute planned trip up to Norfolk.
As nice as surprise trips may be, let me just say that at the same time I hate them! I hate not being organised and not knowing whats happening until the last minute. My stress levels can't cope *hides face*! I'm the sort of person who likes to have a plan. So as lovely as it did turn out in the end, waking up to see a text from Terry asking me to look for a hotel; it's safe to say I spent the morning freaking out. For the next few hours that I should have spent getting ready, I was frantically searching sites for nice hotels with availability at such short notice. When I did find something, it was then time to look at the location to see if it was right and look at reviews to make sure we wasn't going to be greeted by a run down hotel in need of a refurb! Phew! Can you see why I don't like last minute trips? I NEED time to plan.
I finally found three and sent them over to Terry asking him to choose from the list. See how I get left with the stress and he gets the easy part?! Typically, our first and second choice were fully booked. Damn those guests who got to the booking form minutes before us! So eventually we ended up with our third choice; Breckland Lodge.
Breckland Lodge is situated along the A11 in Attleborough, about a 30 minute drive to Norwich. Thankfully, although the A11 is one of the main roads to Norwich, we didn't find it noisey and with our room being situated at the front of the hotel, we didn't hear a thing during our stay.

It's classed as a hotel, but has a very different feel. The reception area is located by the main restaurant and coffee lounge, while the guest rooms are in a separate building a few yards aways. Although it's not much, that tiny bit of distance gives you the feeling of your own private space if that makes sense? Even though there are many other rooms in the same building. Not quite sure how to explain it. To be honest though, this did also concern us a little. Anyone could walk into the part where the rooms were, as no key card was needed to get in.

We booked the premier room for £85. This just included the nights stay, no breakfast (that was an extra £8/£9 each and we kind of thought we'd go somewhere in the next town for something to eat) and with an early check out time of 10am. Ergh why is it not compulsory for a 12 o'clock check out yet? I don't do mornings on a good day, let alone when I have to rush!
Our room was a nice size, can't complain there. It came with a comfy king size bed, dressing table/desk area. Tea and coffee making facilities. An armchair, a spacious built in cupboard come wardrobe complete with a few hangers, ironing board and iron. Bedside drawers, a hairdryer and a spacious bathroom.
The bathroom was complete with a big corner shower, with an overhead shower head. Although, as much as I love these kind of showers, I feel like there should also be a detachable one to rinse? Not being funny, but unless you're standing on your head, certain areas aren't going to get the full affect if you know what I mean?
Overall the room had a nice and cosy feel. It was clean, which is always a MUST for any hotel! And met our needs with the exception of the shower issue for me, a few small minor touch ups (like loose door handles and the need of a paint touch up in one or two spots). The other main issue for me, was the lack of natural lighting. There is nothing worse than either not having a mirror located near a window for natural lighting, or not having white lights in the bathroom by the mirror to compromise. Lets just say, applying makeup before we left in yellow lighting was not fun!
After struggling to find somewhere to eat that evening, we finally decided to try the restaurant at the hotel. Luckily, by the time we had finished driving around, it was around 8.30pm and a table had freed up. Now we know why the guy at reception told us to prebook if we wanted to eat - it was packed!

The food was amazing! One of the nicest places we've eaten at. We had such a lovely evening chatting and not on our phones, hence why there are no food pictures I'm afraid. You'll just have to take my word for it. If you're in the area at all, go and have a meal here. Honestly, you have to try it.
We had some freshly baked bread, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and olives for starters to share. Terry then had the butterfly chicken fillet as his main which he said was really nice and I opted for the smoked salmon and chive linguine. One of the best pasta dishes I've had. Mine also came with a side salad and garlic ciabatta. Yup... More bread oops. So we split that too. Unfortunately, we were so full there was no room for dessert.

I think I would rate Breckland Lodge a 4 out of 5. While we had no issues and had a nice, comfy stay, I do feel there are a couple of cosmetic bits here and there that need improving and for the price; it would have been nice if breakfast was included, or at least at a discounted price for hotel guests.

Norfolk is a beautiful part of the country and if you have never been, its worth taking a trip there one weekend. It has some lovely blue flag beaches and seaside towns. Where Breckland Lodge is located, is about a 40 minute drive to the nearest beach/es, so maybe not the best place if you want to be close to the sea. However, Thetford Forest is only a short drive away.

Have you been to Norfolk? Where have you been, or where is your favourite part?

Love Hannah xx


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  1. Breckland Lodge looks gorgeous hun and I'm so glad you had a fantastic spontaneous break. Last minute plans can be so much fun but I'm 100% with you on the stressing beforehand (why is it that us girls are always the ones stressing?(Lads are too chilled sometimes aren't they 😂) It's nice that the hotel was situated in a peaceful area and you weren't disturbed by traffic during your stay. It looks really pretty and cosy. The food sounds so delicious and Thetford forest sounds gorgeous :) Hope you manage to venture on another blissful break again soon, you deserve all the happy! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo