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One of the things I love about blogging, is when I stumble across a product that I fall in love with. Something I know I'll repurchase when my current stash runs out. Whether that be a purchase I've made with the inspiration from a fellow blogger. Something I've found and thought "that'll make a great review post". Or an item from a company I've been lucky enough to receive.

If you've been reading the blog for a while, you may have picked up that I am always 100% honest in my reviews, even with the products I've been sent to try. I am always extremely grateful for the opportunities of sample products, but that does not mean I won't be honest with my thoughts. Sometimes, things just don't work for me.

I was lucky enough to choose three products from a company called Pure Potions* - a brand I had never heard of before. With the knowledge of their products being sold in places like; Boots, Holland and Barrett and Waitrose, as well as a few online companies, I was keen to give them a try. Knowing if they preformed well, I could easily find them locally and that they are at affordable prices, so are not going to break the bank! Compared to the other retailers, Pure Potions actual site has the full range. Whereas, the others only seem to stock three or four of the main products, (including two of those mentioned in this post). However, I did notice that Waitrose currently have 25% off two products, which you can find on their site here.
Purepotions was founded by a mother seeking a cream that would suit her daughter's (Lula) severely dry and itchy skin. Natalie Balmond began experimenting with traditional recipes after other products, both conventional and alternative, only aggravated Lula's chronic eczema.She had been using the pharmaceutical emollients and steroid creams prescribed by her GPs and dermatologists but Lula found these stung and irritated her. Natalie wanted to make a moisturiser that had no preservatives, no unnecessary fragrances, no chemical emulsifiers or ingredients only there for the sake of appearance. It had to be totally natural and as mild as possible. Natalie started experimenting with cooking up traditional ointments and salves in her kitchen; she used combinations of herbs and oils such as hemp, calendula, nettle and olive use in skincare for centuries. To her great delight and relief, the salve she eventually came up with was soft and gentle and worked really well as a natural moisturiser to hydrate and maintain the health of Lula's sensitive skin.
I suffer with combination skin. I have a mix of both dry and oily complexion. In the summer, the oiliness comes out in force and in the winter; the dryness wins. While I have managed to find a few products that keep it "manageable", I had never found something that has helped the problem. That is until I tried the Intensive Moisturising Ointment.
With it being a rich texture, I was a little worried about using it all over my face. I don't have dry skin all over my face and didn't want to cause oiliness in the places I had normal skin. However, this wasn't a problem. At first I started only applying it around my t-zone and after seeing results within a few days and noticing it wasn't causing an increase in the oil, I started using it in other places.
I now incorporate the ointment in my evening routine. After my shower I apply the ointment, focusing on my problem areas first. I then apply a small amount to my cheeks, forehead and around my chin area. For years I've had spot scarring under my chin and since using this product, I can honestly say I have seen a huge improvement. The scars haven't disappeared altogether just yet, (and I'm not sure if they ever will), but I am so pleased with the results. I've also used this on stretch marks and have noticed a difference there too!

Because it is quite a thick moisturiser, I don't use it in the mornings. I have tried using it before my makeup and have to say I don't like the way my makeup sits on top. It's not needed in the mornings when I've used it the night before anyway. Even after my shower the next morning my skin still feels the benefits. I just stick to my standard facial moisturiser in the mornings and I'm good to go. No more nasty flakiness!!
The Scalp Oil is something I have only had to use 3 times in the past month of trying these products. While I don't have a servere case of dry skin on my scalp, or eczema; I do tend to suffer with dry itchiness every now and then. It can be a little embarrassing itching your head and its not nice when you get little flakes either.
So my dry skin is at the front of my head and the top part, going back three or four inches. If I am due to wash my hair the next morning, I apply a couple of pumps directly onto the scalp and rub it in with my fingers the night before. Because it's an oil, its so easy to rub and spread and you really do not need a lot at all. I'll then go to sleep as normal and wash it out with the shampoo. However, if I am washing my hair in the evening, I'll apply the oil a few hours before. This gives it a chance to soak in before being washed. It works just as well, so theres no problem there with the time difference.
I was a little worried at first, thinking I would have to wash the front of my head a few times to remove the oil, but this is not a problem. Again with only a few uses, I can already see an improvement and since I've started using this product, I haven't had the flakey, dry skin. I've used it about once a week.
Finally we have the Emollient Oil. On the back of the bottle it suggest to either put a few drops into your bath, or to apply directly to the skin. Now if you don't want to have to clean the bath afterwards, don't put this in your tub. While it does work on your skin, it will also leave an oily residue in your bath that'll need rinsing/washing.
I've been using this directly on my skin. I mentioned before on the blog, about how I use baby oil on my skin after my shower. Well instead I've been using this. I use it in the same way, so as soon as I am out of the shower and my body is still wet, I will apply a few drops and rub it in. Doing it while your body is still wet, means you will not have to use as much as the water helps spread it and it'll soak into your skin as your skin dries.
Out of the three, this is probably the one that i haven't noticed a huge difference with. However, again it has helped slightly with scarring. It has a lovely, calming lavender scent; so is great before bed to help you drift off peacefully. I've been using this now twice a day for the past three to four weeks and there is still around half a bottle left. I'm amazed at how far this bottle will go.
Overall I am extremely happy with the three items. I can safely say that I will be repurchasing all three of them when they eventually run out! Although, from the way things are looking, that won't be for a while. The body oil will probably be the first to go, whereas the ointment and the scalp oil will last a few more months.

Have you heard or Pure Potions before? Have you ever tried anything from their range?
*These items were sent to me as a PR sample, but all thoughts/views are my own.

Love Hannah xx


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  1. I have never heard of this brand but the products sound really good! I would love to try the Intensive Moisturising Ointment - I have really dry skin and I haven't found the perfect skincare yet. It's also good to know that it doesn't make your skin look oily xx