March Favourites | 3 Months Down, 9 To Go

I haven't written a favourite's post since October last year! I wanted to do a February version, but before I knew it we were into the second week of March already. Being halfway through the month, it felt like I had truly missed the "deadline" (so to speak) spot then. So here we are now and I'm just going to make it before the first week of April is over. Phew!
As we are now officially into Spring, flowers are blooming all around. Flowers can brighten your mood any time of the year, but theres something about Spring that makes it extra special. I think it could just be down to the lovely bright colours. Reminds us that summer (hopefully) won't be far behind. Or perhaps its all the daffodils on the side of the roads, or flowers in hanging baskets on doorsteps; that just gives us that tingly feeling that the winter is finally over?!
I've actually mentioned this a few times over the past year in a couple of favourite posts. I think it works so well after a week or so of using it, I don't need to use it again for a few months. Since Christmas time, March has been the first month this year I've had to use it. Its just the backs of my hands that get horribly dry. As always; after using this, my hands feel so revitalised! I'm still on the first tube I bought around January time last year! Proof that it goes a long way.
Next up is this duo in Whirl from MAC. I purchased them back in February with a few other bits you can read about here, in my first MAC purchase. They have been my go to lip products since buying them and I don't plan to change that just yet. Although matte, they don't last for hours. They're both creamy to use, pigmented and don't leave your lips feeling dry unlike other products.
Two products that come into the moisturiser category this month. The first one is an ointment from Pure Potions, that has worked wonders on my dry skin. I wrote this post about the item in more detail; so be sure to go and check that out to find out more.

The second item is this body moisturiser, that I bought out of desperation one day from the Poundshop! I have since purchased three more backup bottles!! Costing just a pound, I wasn't expecting anything special. It was just needed quickly, as I had used up all my current cream that morning and needed something for later that night.
It's the perfect consistency for me: not to thick, but not too watery either. Smells amazing with it's cocoa scent and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated.
Moving on with another makeup product. This time its the Lash Impact mascara from No7. I first tried my mums before Christmas and decided I really liked it. I finally used up all my mascara, so was able to start using this one my sister kindly got me for my birthday, as part of a set. I like the way it doesn't clump my lashes together and yet provides a great coverage. Plus, isn't the packaging dreamy and Christmassy?
Can you tell I've been loving skincare the past couple of months? This is a product that will soon have it's own post. But for now, lets just say it works great at removing your face at the end of the day! I received this sample bottle from the BlogCon event last month and have just purchased the full size.
This body polish from Soap and Glory leaves my skin feeling silky smooth after using it and it smells really good too! Being a polish, it not only gently exfoliates your skin, but leaves a slight oily residue behind when it's rinsed off; to keep your skin nice and soft.
My final lip product is this original balm from Dr PawPaw*. I was sent four different balms to try and I have to say, this one has found its happy home in my handbag. It's not pocket size convenient, but will definitely pop in your bag. Its currently replaced my EOS egg, ensuring my lips are never dry. Mind you, I say it's a lip product; but the great thing is, you can use it for your skin, hair, cuticles and nails. It just so happens that I've only used it for my lips so far.

What are two things you've loved throughout March?
*Item/s were sent to me as a PR sample, but all thoughts/views are my own.

Love Hannah xx


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  1. Whirl by Mac is one of my absolute favourites! I recently ran out of the lipstick I used it that much, so I'm trying to make it work with just the whirl lip liner until pay day haha! Great post x

    |Georgia Megan|

  2. I really want to try more from Soap & Glory, they really are awesome! I want to try some Dr Paw Paw toom they have so much hype at the moment!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. Great favourites! I definitely love flowers too at the moment. They make me so so happy! And I really want to start using my soap and glory body polish and butters since they just sit there sometimes in the cupboard so you've inspired me to get them back out!
    Thanks for sharing your faves lovely :)
    Cat |

  4. I love in march Makeup Geek shadows and found a new album I love. Great faves x

    Pink Frenzy

  5. Such a perfect round up of fab favourites here lovely! Am firmly with you on the flower front, I've gotten obsessed with all things flower power and plant based recently. Flowers just always feel so calming and uplifting, I just wanna surround myself with them all at the moment (even if I have to resort to Pinterest-ing instead of buying all the bouquets lol). I love No7, use their moisturiser religiously and the hand polish sounds amazing. The Whirl due look so gorge, I absolutely love the pretty shade. Definitely on my wish list ;) Am also LOVING the look of No7's Lash Impact, I agree the packaging is so dreamy, crushing so hard on all the gorgeous glitteriness going on ;) Flake Away looks like such a must too. So many skin-care saviours in this post, I'm hearting them all <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo