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Although I don't really celebrate Valentines Day, (post explaining my reasons why will be up in a few days). I know that there are a lot of you who do and I thought what better time to share a few fragrances that are in my top picks.
So whether you're a man or woman reading this for inspiration for your girlfriend/fiancé/wife, or you simply just fancy treating yourself, (because why the hell not)? Hopefully one of these will catch your attention and you'll remember to give it a sniff next time you're in a perfume shop?

I'm not going to lie, describing perfumes is one of my failures in life! I am completely useless when it comes to explaining what a scent smells like, so please bare with me!..
First up is a perfume that I've spoken about a few times. It's by Britney Spears and is called Midnight Fantasy. I'd say it's definitely one of my signature scents. I can't remember how I stumbled across this perfume, but ever since I did a few years back, it's been my go-to ever since! I receive so many compliments when I wear it, everyone is surprised when I tell them what it is.
This perfume is a steal!! So cheap and affordable, if you don't want to splurge too much, I would highly recommend this one.
Gucci Premiere, is one that I recently rediscovered. I found it hiding away at the back of my cupboard and quickly remembered why I liked it so much after giving it a spray into the room.
I used to love Gucci Rush when I was younger, but as I get older, I'm finding that I am more attracted to gentler scents and find the stronger ones like Gucci Rush or Jean Paul Gauitier, (another old favourite), are way too strong for me these days and just give me a headache.
Premiere has a lovely gentle, floral and woody smell to it. Soft enough making it suitable for day or nighttime perfume.
Viktor and Rolf hold two spaces in my top picks. Firstly we have BonBon. A lovely fruity, yet sweet scent, which again is great for both day and nighttime. And then there is Flowerbomb, which is more of an evening scent I find. Opposite to BonBon, Flowerbomb is more your floral type of perfume. Strong, yet not too overpowering.
Jimmy Choo is a mix of both fruity and floral. A well balanced mix of the two, with not one overpowering the other. I'm not sure why, but I was never too keen on this originally. Just goes to show how your senses change over time.
And finally we have Loverdose by DIESEL, another old classic. This one is so mellow and calming. has a sweet smell of Vanilla, mixed with a hint of citrus. As weird as it may sound, but this one reminds me of a candle scent, or a room air freshener. One of those ones you could just sniff for ages!
So there are my favourite six. One that didn't make it to the list is Black Opium by YSL. Unfortunately, my sample bottle run out so quick and I haven't got around to treating myself to the full size yet.
I've come to realise that I have a fondness to fragrances with a wood base tone. No matter what perfume I seem to find myself attracted to, they all have similar ingredients. I'd love to make my own perfume now I know what I seem to be drawn to.

What is your favourite perfume, or can you name three?

Love Hannah xx
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  1. I have never used any of these scents yet

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. This looks like an expensive perfume list haha! I've not tried any of the above other than flower bomb (which I love). I used to wear fantasy by Britney and I still to this day think it's a nice scent particularly in the warmer months. I am going to give the others a try when I'm next in boots or Superdrug and I adore Black Opium and definitely would recommend that too so much so I have a post on it! Great post hun xx

    Shannon //

  3. I'm crushing so hard on all of these stunning scents! I've wanted Flowerbomb for so long but never gotten around to buying it. It sounds really divine and a perfume you'd use when you want something a bit more special. I love the sound of Midnight Fantasy by Britney; I've heard so many good things about her fragrances <3

    My go-to perfume is Rain by Marc Jacobs, I'm so boring and use it all the time now. It's a really summery scent (surprise surprise lol), and I like it because it's powerful enough without being too much. I love anything by Ghost too; especially Enchanted Bloom and Cherish <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo