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A few months back I saw Aspire in Holland & Barrett, but the flavour I wanted to try was sadly out of stock. In all honesty, I forgot about the brand and it wasn't until after the Go Glam Gala last month, that I had a lightbulb moment and realised I had missed out on an opportunity to try them, where I had been so busy socialising rather than looking at the brands that were there.
Aspire were kind enough to get in touch and send me some to try!
They have three different flavours in their collection and I was sent one of each to try. These are: Apple and Acai, Cranberry and the one I was most looking forward to trying, which H&B had out of stock that time, Mango Lemonade.
As stated on the cans, they are: "premium Green tea. Healthy energy with zero calories and zero sugar".

I was slightly skeptical if I'm honest and it wasn't until I read the nutritional information on the back of the can, that I realised how true it was. Each drink is 250ml and contains 0.20kcal per can. The sugar content is only just over 0.2g and each can contains multi vitamins.

Now to the taste test... I've tried the Mango Lemonade and the Cranberry one so far. I'm not quite sure how to describe them. They're nice, and odd. Sorry that sounds terrible doesn't it haha? They're a fizzy drink which is where the 'odd' bit comes in I think. I wasn't really expecting it. Considering they don't have sugar in them, they are actually fairly sweet. Now if your a fizzy drink addict and want a healthy alternative, these are fantastic!

You get that sweet kick like you do from a can of coke and the gassiness, yet it's a whole lot better for you. They definitely have a distinctive taste, so you can't complain there. To me the mango one tasted like a fizzy version of orange squash. I personally would have liked a more "magoey" taste, but maybe thats just because I love mango? And funnily enough, the cranberry one tasted a little like a fizzy summer fruits squash.

Overall, I like them. They're not something I will have everyday, but when I do crave something fizzy; I think having one of these to reach for will be so much better than that can of coke! I definitely had a small boost of energy after them too. I bet they'll taste great poured over ice, as a refreshing drink in the summer.
Next time I'm in town, I'll be picking up a few from Holland & Barrett to keep in the cupboard.

Have you tried Aspire? What are you go to healthy drinks?

*These items were sent to me as a PR sample, but all thoughts/views are my own.

Love Hannah xx

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  1. I normally don't drink energy drinks but these seem very interesting. Great post and blog.

  2. oooo they sound so nice ! I love having things like this when I am in the mood for something fizzy! better than Dr Pepper anyways!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. I love these, I picked up a can ages ago and everytime I pop into s supermarket, I'm always picking up a different flavour! Have a great week :)

    Trishna xx