October Favourites | Top Picks Of The Month

I've come to the conclusion, that I won't be able to go a whole year and pick a few favourites every month. I just don't really change up my routine that much, or maybe its just I don't have that many products I feel I should be raving about? Whatever it is, it is what it is. I missed out September favourite's and here I am with October's.
Lush lip scrub.. Now that the colder days are upon us, dry skin starts to flare up. Along with the dry skin, comes dry, sore and sometimes cracked lips. Although I do use this product throughout the year, I find its the colder months that I really start to use it almost on a daily basis. It really does help keep the dryness away, not to mention it helps create a soft base for your favourite Autumnal hippie!

This Makeup Revolution, Ultra Bronze bronzer, has quickly become of my favourites. When MUA changed their old bronzer to a new one, I didn't find it to be as good and wasn't too keen on the results. On the hunt for another reasonably priced one, I popped this one in my basket the last time I ordered some bits from Superdrug. I love it! It's highly pigmented and it's a great colour and coverage. It blends out really easily and feel anyone looking for a new contour colour, should give this a try. I use it lighted dusted all over my face, to give me a warm glow. For just £3 (which is the same price as the MUA), you get more grams for your money.

This Natural World product, is something I received to review*. I found it to be so beneficial, I've added it to my favourites. Rather than me repeat myself for those of you who have seen the post already, you can read the full review HERE.

I spotted this Nivea cream on offer when I was in Boots one day. Needing a new face cream, I thought I'd give it a try and see how it was. My nose in particular, has become very oily lately. Not too sure why it's got so bad, but I am in desperate need of something to calm it, even if it can't stop it completely. Since using this cream for a few weeks, I can now start to see a difference. It may not be a huge difference, but I also like how this cream makes my skin feel.

Again with the colder weather and dry skin, brings out my dry hands. Its horrible and I constantly find the need to moisturise them. I purchased this No7 hand polish at the beginning of the year and I've had to bring it back out again. I love it and it works wonders. I'm definitely going to re-purchase this when I run out. A little goes a long way and it's amazing how soft it leaves your skin feeling.

Lastly we have he NYX duo I've found myself reaching for the most during October. The liner is a great creamy consistency and is in the shade, Natural. The gloss is in the shade Sandstorm and is a great, "your lips but better" kind of shade. Although this is a matte formula, I don't find it drying and it stays put for hours.

What two things did you find yourself loving during October?

Love Hannah xx
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  1. Going to have to check some of these out.. especially the lip scrub!!

  2. I love the Lush lip scrubs they're amazing, you've reminded me to get mine out again and use it more regularly! I love that bronzer too, it's absolutely incredible!!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. Lol it definitely helps in the colder months Becky :) glad to hear I'm not the only one loving the bronzer xx

  3. I tried the Natural World product too and I loved them! I tried the Keratin one first and then the one with argan oil. Both so good to my hair! :)


    1. Oooo I'll have to have a look at the argon oil one :) x

  4. That makeup revolution bronzer looks interesting. I am way way way overdue for an order.


  5. I have that same lip scrub and I love it at this time of month because my lips start to get dry and a little flaky!

    Lauren x | http://www.huggled.co.uk/