Rhodes Diaries, Part 1..

Nisyros Island/Volcano
As some f you know, Terry and I went to Rhodes a couple of weeks back, for a nice relaxing holiday. We stayed in a small town called Pefkos, just a short drive from Lindos.
I had planned on keeping a diary and uploading every 3 days while we were away, but that plan soon went out the window as the Wi-Fi was just rubbish!!
Plus to be honest by the time we returned to the apartment in the evenings, we were just crashing out straight away! All photos used are my own.
But, I did write for the first 2 days, so decided to include those segments in this post. The holiday details will be spread over 2 posts. In the next one, I'll be adding all the other photos. So if you're like me and love a good, photo heavy post, keep your eye out :)
29th June 2016
We had a safe flight, all good and landed slightly earlier than planed. By the time we collected our bags, got our transfer to the apartments, it was 2pm. It was certainly a long day of traveling. We didn't want to waste time unpacking and was hungry, so decided to grab some late lunch at the bar and after, find a spot by the pool and relax for a bit.
Headed out into town around 8pm for dinner. Where we are staying is a little out the way of the main town, when booking we didn't quite expect it to be so far! If it was all flat ground we'd have no problems, but walking up hills in 30 degrees is not cool!! Must remember to time it tomorrow! After dinner we decided to get a taxi back. We were both near enough falling asleep at the table, we had to get back and get some sleep.
Both Terry and I had work Tuesday, no sleep Tuesday night, left for the airport at 12.30am Wednesday morning and travelled for the next 13.5 hours with about 2 hours sleep that we managed to get on and off the flight!! I think thats a good enough reason as to why we were such party poopers!
The apartments are lovely. Very comfortable, nothing extremely modern, but clean and comfy. We booked a studio, have a mini kitchenette area, two single beds that are pushed together so we have plenty of room, wardrobe, dressing table, all the usual bits you get in a room really. To be honest we don't need anything bigger. We try not to spend too much time in the apartment when we're away. Its more about the cleanliness, style and suitability that matter the most.
The staff are really welcoming and friendly, which of course is always a bonus wherever you are!! Never makes a trip pleasant when there are miserable staff working all around. The pool area is not busy or overcrowded, which is lovely as it means lots of empty sunbeds! Not meaning to offend anyone who have them either; but there are no screaming kids running around or in the pool, to make sure you don't relax.
30th June 2016
So it's 2.41am and I'm sitting here filling in todays section. Just about keep my eyes open! Our booking comes with breakfast and so thought we'd give it a try this morning. In all honesty, we didn't have high expectations. We've been a couple of times to places that offer a free breakfast and it's been that bad we've gone to pay for a decent one elsewhere! 
We were proved wrong.. So much fresh food and so many choices. If i remember i'll take my camera or phone with me tomorrow and see if i can sneak in a few snaps. Cold breakfast, hot food, pastries, fruit, bread; great choice! As for the drinks, theres a machine there that you just pop a few oranges in and out comes your freshly made glass of OJ to start your morning off the right way! Plus a nice extra strong coffee.
We did nothing today. This whole section is just gunna be about food! We had a nice relaxing day at the pool. Both of us have already caught a colour, so looking forward to seeing how we do tomorrow. More great food was consumed today. I remembered to time the walk to the town this evening and it took us 22 minutes. That was at a gentle stroll. Didn't feel as long this evening, but those blooming hills don't get any easier!!
I've got to go, I need some sleep I'll fill you in on anything I've missed out tomorrow..

Part 2 coming soon!..

Love Hannah xx
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  1. There is nothing better than freshly squeezed orange juice, I had that pretty much every day when I was on holiday. It looks like you had an amazing time, I've always wanted to go to Rhodes. Your photos are beautiful and I have to agree with you, the food selection looks really good. I can't wait for part two and I love the style of this post, I could never do such a post about Croatia because we just spent all of our time at the beach and that's it haha xx


    1. No you're right Mira it just doesn't compare to anything you get in the bottle does it? Haha I may disappoint you a little in the next post then as we didn't do much other than be by the pool, go to the beach and the local old town :) but that's why I plan to mainly just upload the photos xx

  2. Rhodes looks beautiful and your photos are stunning, I am jealous. I loved that you wrote this post like diary entry's. Can't wait to read part two hun. Hope you had a great holiday! :) xx


    1. Thanks Heather :) glad you enjoyed it. Rhodes is beautiful and definitely one of the Greek islands that the doesn't get as noticed as it should. It's such a lovely place xx

  3. Ah can't wait to see the rest of your holiday photos, I've always wanted to visit there. Your apartment looked lovely, love lying by the pool xx

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com

    1. Yeah unfortunately I completely forgot to take anymore pics of the apartment! Think the kitchen was the only clean part at the time which is why I didn't do the rest of the room and then just forgot lol xx