Getting A Tattoo..

If you saw my Twitter or Snapchat last week, then you may already know that I got a new tattoo? If you didn't then, surprise! I got a tattoo!!.:)
When I was 18 I went and got my first ever tattoo, which was a single star located on my right foot. Back then I wasn't sure what I wanted, so only decided to go for something small.

When Terry and I were on holiday he started talking about getting his tat finished. I had thought about getting another one done myself for a while, but after talking about it while we were away, I decided I was gunna go for it before I left it for another year or two!

I've had a design in my head for years and got talking to a guy who runs his own shop. He kindly agreed to take the ideas I gave him and put a design together for me. In the meantime, I came across a style called Mandala and it made me change my mind completely. I knew I wanted one of those designs instead! He sent me over his rough sketch of my original idea and as nice as it started to look, I just wasn't falling in love with it, like I had the Mandala's. It turned out that it's a style the tattoo guy is used to doing and told me to pop down to the studio one day and have a look at some of his previous work.

This conversation happened on the Sunday last week and on Wednesday (as it was my day off), I went along to his shop to go have a look. We spoke for a bit about the style and he showed me a new design of his, which I straight away decided I wanted it. When he asked when I wanted it booked in and I jokingly said now, I wasn't expecting him to say that he could!
Crap.. I wasn't expecting that answer lol!!
Knowing if I didn't get it done there and then I'd probably chicken out, I went for it and though f**k it! You only live once right?!

45 minutes later I was looking at my new tattoo and loving every part of it.

My tips if you're planning to get a tattoo..

  • It always helps if you have in mind the sort of tat you want. Do some research beforehand, rather than just browsing through the designs when you're there. At least if you have some kind of idea of what you are after, you can tell the tattooist, or show them some images you may have found online. Having an idea in your mind for a few days will help you decide if it really is something you want.
  • EAT SOMETHING SUGARY!! Yes, this is something I missed out. Because I didn't really plan on getting one done there and then, I hadn't bothered to eat anything that day. It was about 3pm, so the last food consumed was from the night before! Anyway about 10-15 into the tattoo I had to get him to stop... The music and the sound of the gun suddenly went very quiet like someone had turned the volume down. I tried to drink some of my water, but when I went to move my arms they were just limp and I couldn't lift them. My whole body felt funny and I honestly thought I was going to pass out. Thankfully the tattooist went and got me one of his meal replacement drinks which contained sugar and after finally managing to somehow find the strength to push the straw in the hole, I slowly started to feel normal again. After that little hiccup, the rest went pretty smoothly. Perfect excuse to eat about 2/3 bars of chocolate at once!
  • Prepare yourself for some uncomfortable pain! As I mentioned, I've had one before, but the star only took around 5 minutes. I don't quiet remember it all that well, but I do remember thinking it wasn't pleasant. But I figured, since I've recently been brave enough to have my eyebrows cut thanks to Microblading, I could brave what the tattoo would feel like! No it's not unbearable, yes it's uncomfortable, but you kinda get used to it and certain bits are just slightly worse than others. 
  • Remember, you're paying for good work. Finding someone cheap just to save some pennies, may end up with you getting something completely different to what you were expecting! I think most places charge per hour, but there are a few who charge per design (like where I went), so don't be afraid to ask them how much it's going to cost beforehand.
  • Tying in with the last tip, but try a cheeky negotiating. There's no harm in trying right? You may be able to bag yourself a deal.
  • If you're getting the tattoo in a spot that you can't reach yourself, (like me) make sure you have someone at home who can help you either once or twice a day, with wiping/cleaning the tattoo and applying a generous amount of cream to help it stay hydrated.

Have you got a tattoo? Or maybe you've got a few? Let me know in the comments if you have and if so what it is. Or if you don't have one, what would you like to get if you had one done?

Love Hannah xx
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  1. Really like this design! My friend is wanting something along these lines, it's really pretty! I have 6 but they're all tiny, words mainly but 2 designs!

    Shannon //

    1. Thanks sweetie :) you'll have to show me if she ends up getting something similar. Love the Mandala's. I'd like a word one, it's just trying to get the perfect quote..xx

  2. How pretty! I love your tattoo! I want a half sleeve but I'm taking my time with finding the perfect artist. It's a big commitment!


    1. Thanks hun. There are some amazing half sleeve designs out there, but you're totally right. You don't want to rush it. It's there for life so yes a huge commitment xx

  3. That's gorgeous, I love mandala patterns.

    Lauren x |

    1. Thanks hun, so glad I found out about them before I decided on what to get. They are lovely xx

  4. great post. Had a great read <3 thanks for sharing :D



    1. Thank you for having a read and popping by :) xx