NYX Liquid Suede & Liner Review...

For the last few months I've been hearing/seeing a lot of mentions to the American Cosmetics brand: NYX
I decided with their low prices and supposedly "amazing" results, I would try a gloss out for myself. Now as they have only recently been introduced in the UK, there are only a few stores that stock their products. To name a few are; Boots, Unique.com and Very 
The only problem with all of these, are that they are online stores. Which means you're unable to "swatch before you buy"! From past experiences this is something I don't enjoy doing because half of the time, the colour online or in a catalog is nothing like the colour in person.
In situations like this where there are no swatches to try, what I end up doing is searching on Google to see other people’s images. For example, to decide on what shade I wanted to order I typed in: NYX liquid suede swatches and that brought up a load of images of all the colours. Its helps you see what they look like on someone’s lips, so from that I made the decision I wanted to order the shade, SANDSTORM


I’m going through a stage at the moment of loving brown/taupe shades. So with my lipstick, I’ve been on the hunt for one I could wear everyday. If you saw my mini makeup post “HERE” you will see that although I love the colour of the Revlon crayon I purchased, it just didn’t last very long. I’m not a fan of a product that doesn’t last and don’t think you (should) have to reapply it every so often.
I like the idea that the NYX liquid suede is in a gloss form, creamy and easy to apply and then drying to a matte consistency.

I first applied the gloss around 12pm yesterday. An hour later I had lunch; (sandwich and crisps along with a cup of tea). Some of the product had come away, so at 2pm I applied some more. Went out to get my nails done, had a tea in the nail bar and after went for a coffee. Came home around 5pm and this was the how my lips looked...
As the colour is quite neutral to start with, it's hard to tell just how much has worn off throughout the afternoon. I think considering having a few cups of hot drinks, it didn't do too bad. Yes it did wear off a bit, but all in all it wasn't a complete fail! Once I was home I then decided to apply one last coat to see how another top up would hold. Unfortunately, third time was not as lucky! Can't say this will happen with all the different shades, but it's just my experience with Sandstorm. After applying the third coat, it made my lips look blue almost like I was cold. It wasn't just my imagination either as both Terry and my sister, (at separate times may I add), asked me what was wrong with my lips and that they looked blue!

I like it. Granted its not the best lippie out there on the market, but for the price it’s a good buy. Although it doesn’t last hours, it does last a while before having to touch it up. The sticky/tacky feeling doesn’t last long as it dries; I was a bit concerned about that but luckily it wasn’t a problem. Would I recommend it? Yes, I would. Again due to the price I think its worth a try, I will be wearing it on a daily basis for a while switching from this to my Revlon. My only negative comes back to not being able to “try before you by” as such.


I decided I would try and order a matching liner to go with the gloss. The colours match great, as the liner is in the shade natural I knew I couldn’t really go wrong. I really like this style of liners, the creamy ones that glide on with ease. But in all honesty I think one I purchased from Avon in the past worked better and was cheaper too. For the same price as the gloss, I don’t think I will be purchasing another one of these. I know there are cheaper alternatives out there that’ll do the same job, if not better.

If you do end up ordering one to try for yourself, do let me know what colour you go for. I am tempted to try one or two of the others, would you be interested to see another review?
Just be sure not to follow the colour chart on the Boots website as they are not true to colour.

Enjoy the rest of your week guys…

Love Hannah xx

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  1. What a great honest review! The colour looks lovely on you! I'll definitely be looking at their lipsticks :) x


    1. Thanks Beckie :) do let me know what one/s you go for would love to see what you think! Hannah xx

  2. Great review Hannah! I've been loving sandstorm lately and even plan to feature it in my January favourites. I don't think it's the best out there compared to other nyx matte lip products but it's a great shade :)


    1. Thanks Amy! It's really growing on me. I'll make sure i pop by your blog very soon for a catch up hun xx

  3. I love the colour! Also love how detailed your review is. It lasted really well!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  4. Great review, the colour looks really good on you! I might try this product myself - although I agree with you, it's better to try makeup before you buy it. x


    1. Let me know how you get on if you do :) thanks for popping by xx

  5. I love Nyx lipsticks but they don't last as long as you think initially. Love the shade you grabbed, I haven't tried this range yet only the soft matte one x

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com/

  6. Love the colour, it's so hard to find the 'perfect nude' so I struggle to buy things without swatching especially on my skin tone. I find YouTube is good for American cosmetic reviews but because of the price of this you don't mind so much! x

    Shannon // shannonkara.com