January Favourites 2016

Well believe it or not, we’re at the end of another month! I know you’re all probably thinking it and its been said a thousand times before, but seriously where did January go? It’s the month you actually have an excuse for being lazy, after the madness from the previous month. I’m going to have to start actually being a bit more productive with my time as from tomorrow I guess? But it does mean we’re one step closer to summer, (well a British summer anyway, which is never predictable)! Man I need a holiday!
Hope you enjoy my month’s favourites guys. If you happen to have any of the following items and you agree/disagree with me, please do feel free to let me know in the comments…

Let’s start off with something I mentioned in my latest post http://hannahhawes.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/nyx-liquid-suede-liner-review.html. I’m really loving browns at the moment and in particular, matte glosses/crayons. Although I’m not a fan of the lack of stay time (does that make sense?) of the Revlon (you can see here for full review), I am really liking the shade and its become one of my favourites this month. Now although I have only had the NYX gloss for just over a week, its definitely been something I’ve been wearing everyday since, so thought it was only right I added it in. I also wrote a review post of this gloss (here) if you’d like to see a more in depth review.

I purchased these Chelsea style ankle boots from Primark back at the end of October and I just keep forgetting to add them into my fav’s and finally remembered this time! I have seriously been wearing these everyday since I brought them! They only cost around £14 I think and have been one of my best buys in a long time. We don’t have a Primark in my town so I haven’t been since, but when I get a chance to go again I will definitely be buying another pair, (if hopefully they still have them). They are a wide fit so not too tight, but not too big and just really comfortable. Considering how long I’ve had them now, there is still grip to the bottom and the heel hasn’t rubbed down and although they do have some creases in them, nothing dramatic!

This was one of my Christmas presents from Terry and it has definitely been the one I’ve used the most this month. Its just got such a sweet smell to it, you can get away with wearing it everyday! Plus, its just so pretty to look at. My only slight negative with this product is for the price, you would hope the smell lasted a little longer than it does. I want to get one of those small bottles you can carry in your handbag and fill it up with it so I can top it up as and when needed throughout the day. If you missed that post and wanted to see what else I got you can find it here.

Excuse the dirty mirror ha!
Sorry this is a bit of a random one, but its something I’ve been using a lot this past month. I purchased this raincoat last year from Matalan. It was in their sale, half price so I only paid £8 for it. Its really lightweight and comes with a bag, so its just been living in my handbag all month! Its so much easier than carrying an umbrella around with you and if you like in the UK, you’ll know just how unpredictable the weather can be. We’ve had a lot of days of sun one minute and rain the next, so this has certainly come in handy this month.

As I mentioned in my December favourites (heremy hands really suffer from dryness in the winter. I’m not talking just a little dry skin; I mean full on dry! So much so my hands get really sore, especially in-between my fingers. I popped into boots to grab some makeup and with my purchase, I got given a £5 off voucher on a No 7 skincare product. So I headed over to the No7 counter and had a look at what they had to offer. This polish caught my eye. With a retail price of £8, using my voucher meant I could get it for £3 so to me it was a no brainer! I also had a discount card and so once I had used that I only paid £1.20 for this amazing product! Since using it I have noticed a huge difference in my skin and it has truly become one of my favourites. Money off voucher or not, I will definitely be buying this again when it runs out.

This is another item I received from Terry at Christmas and I just love it! Its such a pretty watch, functional and plus it ROSE GOLD! Like hello do you know I have a slight obsession with copper/rose gold at the moment! Don’t really think I need to say much more it speaks for itself.

I was lucky enough to be sent this scarf from a site called LyliaRose.com*
I received it at the end of December and throughout this month, (on the days its been slightly warm enough to not wear my usual knitted scarf), I’ve been wearing this and have received so many compliments.
*Yes I was gifted this item, but I was not paid or influenced to say what I have said. All views/opinions are my own. Victoria is a lovely lady who owns the site and she sells a great range of products including; jewellery, home décor, accessorises and a lovely range of scarves to choose from. If you have a look on the site and decide you would like to place an order for yourself, Victoria has been kind enough to give me a discount code to give to you guys.
Enter: HannahHawes at the checkout to receive 20% off of your order total! How amazing is that?

Yeah okay I am obsessed with rose gold and copper at the moment I did just tell you when I mentioned the watch! I think I may have mentioned it also on social media once or twice, (okay maybe a lot more)! Sooo… back to the phone. I am in love with my new phone! Terry and I went out a couple of days after Christmas and got ourselves matching phones, (he went for gold). I was really worries about the size at first. Thought it was way too big for a phone, but after a month I am now totally used to it and I don’t even realise the size anymore unless I’m handed an iPhone 4/5 and I’m like “whoa this is tiny”! Admittedly the quality of photo on an iphone isn’t the best on smartphones out there, but compared to my old 5 it’s a huge difference and its what I’ve been using since I got it for my blog photos and I’m okay with it for now. Since storage was a problem on my previous phone I ended up going for 64GB so I’m hoping storage wont be an issue for a while :)

That’s it for my January favourites guys. All comments are greatly appreciated and I do read them all and as soon as I get a chance I do make sure to reply.

Love Hannah xx

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  1. Soooo jealous you have a rose gold iPhone! I love the scarf you picked too :) I want to try that lip crayon, I've heard great things about them! x


    1. Hey Bec thanks for your comment :) yeah I'm super happy with my phone i have to admit lol! I'm definitely loving lipstick more since i started blogging for some reason xx

  2. Great favourites! I love the look of the NYX Liquid Suedes - I'm dying to try them xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Thanks for passing by Gemma. I wrote a full review on the NYX suede. They are worth a try! Hannah xx

  3. I really like the raincoat & the ankle boots - I recently got similar ones from H&M, they were 70% off so I couldn't resist! x


    1. Hi Mira. Oh that's great I do love a bargain! Might have to have a look and see what they have. Hannah xx

  4. Great picks! Love the perfume!!

    1. Thanks for the comment Lauren and for passing by :) Hannah xx

  5. Love the boots!


    1. Hello Daniel. Thanks for popping by! The boots are very comfortable and I really want to get another pair for when these are ready for the bin ha.. Hannah x

  6. Love the Bonbon perfume it's so nice, just realised you have the same watch as me. Jealous of the rose gold I phone x

    1. It is lovely isn't it? And i know a few people with the watch too :) Hannah xx