How To Save Some Extra Cash From Now Until Christmas 2016...

January is always such a weird month. Its kind of a wasted month for many of us, (in my opinion anyway). Christmas is over, New Year too and because of that last payday just before Christmas, we’ve spent all of money already before Decembers even finished! Whether it be on last minute Christmas presents we rush around on Christmas Eve trying to find. Those of us (not me), who go out Boxing Day to brave the madness that is the start of the sales. Or New Years Eve, where cab fares are double, everywhere requires a ticket to get in (even your local) and then more money is just spent throughout the evening on drinks and/or food.

So if you’re like me and really budgeting yourself this January, I’ve decided that I’m going to do something about it starting from today, (yup the day you’re reading this) that’ll mean I hopefully wont be in this situation come next year. If any of you are Pinterest geeks like myself, you may or may not have at some point stumbled across all the money saving ideas to do throughout the year. I mean they are all pretty good ideas, but if again you’re like me and don’t have loads to spare each week, or just don’t want to put that much away each week, I’ve come up with a plan that I’m going to try and stick to. Its so simple to do (on paper) that I really shouldn’t be able to fail! By all means, if you can commit to the big saver ones on Pinterest; good for you and I will insert some picture now for you to see what I found. Keep reading below to see what I’ll be doing this year to make sure I have a little extra in my pocket by the end of the year!...
Photo from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest 
Photo from Pinterest
Okay so now you’ve seen the ones from the “interweb” I want to share with you my ideas. By all means I am no super saver! Trust me if I were I wouldn’t be needing to write this post. The ideas I am going to share with you, may not work for everyone and hey I don’t even know if they’re going to work for me, but there is no harm in trying right?
The money you save could be used to treat yourself to something in the Christmas sales at the end of the year? Pay for your New Years Eve night out, or just a little extra to help you get through next January. The choice is completely yours!
I’ve decided to break down 5 different ways this can be done. Obviously there aren't any kind of rules stating if you do have a little extra that day that you can’t put it in. Same as if you don’t have anything that day, maybe put in double the next? The guidelines below are just to show you what you could achieve, if you were to start saving today, all the way up until December 25th 2016.

My money box was from the local 99p store. The great thing about these sort of money pots, is that they cannot be opened to "dip" into as and when you like. To open them at the end of you saving, you will need to open it the same way you would a tin can; with a can opener of some kind...
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From today (20th January), there are 339 days left until Christmas. The amounts calculated below are all based on savings starting from today…

20p saver…
Yup just 20p a day! You may not be saving heaps with this option, but if you put 20p a day away from now until Christmas day, you will have £67.80 to do whatever you like with!

30p saver…
If you think you can do 30p a day, then in total you will be saving yourself £101.70!

40p saver…
Liking the figures going up so deciding you can give this one a go? If you opt for 40p a day, £135.60 will be yours come Christmas!

50p saver…
This is the one I am going to choose to do. I find I tend to always have at least 50p in change on me. I’ve popped my very first 50p in my money pot and if I continue to do that everyday until Christmas, I will have a very nice sum of £169.50 as a little extra Christmas present for myself!

£1 saver…
If you really want to push yourself that little bit more then why not give a £1 a day a try? By putting £1 into a jar everyday from today, you will have £339 to spend with no strings attached in anyway you like!

Are you going to be joining me and try and see how much you can save? Let me know below in the comments if you’re going to take part and also let me know what option you’re going for. Whether it be one of my suggestions, or if you’re being bold and going for one of the higher saver ideas on Pinterest.

Good luck guys and keep me updated :)

Love Hannah xx

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  1. Such a great post - I love the idea of putting away a certain amount a day to be able to treat yourself next Christmas! Just like a reward :)

    Megan X

    1. Thanks for passing by Megan and for the comment! So far I'm keeping up with it I just hope I can stick with it. Love Hannah x

  2. Such a great way of doing it Hannah, this is super inspirational!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. Aww thanks Jodie :) I'm glad to say so far I've stuck to it! Early days yet but we shall see.. Thanks for passing by hun. Hannah xx