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Believe it or not, its time for last month’s favourites already!! Where did November go? Like seriously, its just flown by without me even knowing. So I’ve selected a handful of my favourites from last month and popped them all below for you to enjoy :)

Justin Bieber - Purpose
Okay so lets just get this first one over and done with. I know there are so many bloggers that have already mentioned it, BUT it is my monthly favourites and it has definitely been a favourite of mine for the past month, so I’m going to include it...
Yup, guilty. I am now the proud, (there it is, I said it and I’m not ashamed)! owner of Justin Bieber’s newest album, Purpose and I LOVE IT!!! Beliebe me, (“beliebe/believe”, anyone? Anyone? No?) Is it too late to say sorry for my lame jokes? Okay that’s it I promise :)
Anyway back to the album, I never thought in a million years I would like one of his songs, let alone own an album filled with Bieber and for it to actually be the only album I think I’ve ever really enjoyed every song on it!

Vitamin E Night Cream
So moving on with the next one. Those of you who have seen my "October Favourites" you would have seen I had a few products from Superdrug’s Vitamin E skin care range. Because I was so impressed with the couple of items I mentioned over on that post, I went and ordered a couple more bits to ty out. The first one is this night cream. As a night cream, it definitely keeps my skin moisturised all night and I’ve even started using a little of it in the mornings before I put my makeup on as I have run out of my day cream.

Vitamin E Leave On Moisture Mask
The next item from the Vitamin E range is the leave on moisture mask. The consistency is kind of odd. Its almost like jelly meets cream? As this is quiet rich I only use it in the evenings after I’ve showered and getting ready for bed. I use the micellar water and moisture boost serum (as mention here) first and then I apply this mask. I put it on all over and let it soak in for a few minutes rather than rub it in “fully”. Once its soaked in I’ll then apply the night cream. Since I’ve been using the Superdrug’s range, my skin has been feeling amazing and I really do recommend you giving it a try. I understand everyone takes to different products differently, but because its so cheap and affordable, its worth a try.

Maybelline Colour Drama
Moving away from skincare, next in my favourites are the Maybelline Colour Drama lipsticks/lip pencils. I am really loving these at the moment. Being in a lip pencil form, they are extremely easy to apply. They glide on with ease, kind of moisturising and they last a decent amount of time too before they need a touch up. I currently have 3 of them (top to bottom in swatch photo); Berry Much, Keep It Classy and Nude Perfection. Bargain at only £4.99 each!

MUA Eyeshadow/s
I have a few pieces from MUA's range, but I am particularly loving their eye shadows at the moment. Priced at ONLY £1 each they are great value for money and come in a range of colours/shades. They are extremely pigmented, thus giving great coverage and a prominent colour. The four I am using regularly at the moment are these warmer, autumnal shades in (top to bottom in swatch photo); champagne for under the brow area, champagne, copper and bronze.
If you would like me to do a separate post on the MUA products I use, please do let me know. Although they are (one of) the cheapest brands out there, I have been very satisfied with certain products from them.

Xmas Cup
If you saw last Sunday's "Home Haul" post, you would have seen this cup in it. Even though I got it at the end of November I still wanted to include it, as I'm really enjoying using it at the moment! Every time I use it I can't help but feel a little more "festive" and I mean, with those words written on the side you can't help but sing along right?

Body Shop Body Mist
Next up is this Vineyard Peach Body Mist from the Body Shop. I’ve had it a while but put in in my cupboard and only recently found it again! Unfortunately, I don't think they stock it anymore in the UK, although you can still buy from the rare few sellers on Amazon or eBay. It's such a fresh, sweet smell (but not too overpowering), and instantly reminds me of summer. If you are ever in the Body Shop and see that it's back on the shelves, go an give it a sniff... I don't think you'll be disappointed :)

Jelly Belly Beans
Bit of a random one, but it's all about what I've been loving throughout the month right? And I have been loving these. My boyfriend got us a giant tub (he didn't want to share so decided to get us one each. But hey I'm not complaining ;)). They're just so addictive. Which is kind of dangerous really, but I tend to hide mine in a cupboard and will forget about them for a few days/okay maybe hours. I don't think I've done too bad with them considering I've had them for the month so far. Mind you I do tend to see his jar more than I see mine, just lying around so I'll dip into his... Shhh don't tell him!!

Well that’s it for last month, hope you enjoyed. If any of you have tried or have any of the products mentioned, as always please do feel free to leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

Until Wednesday, have a great week…

Love Hannah :) xx

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