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So last weekend I drove past Pound Stretcher. I'd never been in there before and it was only because I was stuck in traffic, that I saw a couple come out with some pretty decent looking things, so I thought I'd pull over, pop in myself and see what I could find. I'm glad I did because I managed to find a few good bargains!!
I had been meaning to go to Home Bargains to pick up some jars I’d seen online, so thought I’d go there after and it would be a good excuse to get a few extra bits together to write this post.

It's by all means not a huge home haul. But all the same I wanted to share the bits I brought with you all.
Please also note, that I am in no way sponsored by any other these companies and all reviews/thoughts are my personal opinion.


I saw these as I was queuing at the tills. Thought even if they didn't smell too good, I would just use them as decoration. Love the heart shape of each candle and love the fact they are in glass dishes and a decent size too, not as small as they look in the photos. Each one is heavy, so the glass is nice and chunky. Unfortunately, they don't smell, but then that’s not really such a bad thing because it means I can just use them for decoration (as I mentioned), or burn them for extra light and have another fragranced candle burning at the same time. Want to know the best part? They were only £1.99! Yup that’s right, ignore that £2.99 price tag; these beauties were on sale :)

Sticking with "heart themed" I saw these and thought they were really cute. Little wicker cream heart fairy lights. They're battery operated and were only £3.99. I'm hoping I’ll have my bedroom organised and decorated next year, so thought when its all done these would look really nice either along my headboard, or even a shelf?

I brought these pink ones for my niece as one of her Christmas presents. She’s 8 and has so many toys already, I tend to buy her clothes or more “practical” bits for Birthday/Christmas. I had already picked up the item below prior to seeing these lights, so thought it would tie in together nicely.

I couldn’t resist when I saw this. How adorable is this print? Almost wish they did it in a bigger size so I could get myself one haha! As I said, my niece is 8 so she’s at the age where she is still a child and into toys/dolls etc. but at the same time a little more grown up in some areas and so I think this is a great design for her. Nothing too “babyish” but still cute and fun for her age. Again this was a sale item.


These frames were only 99p each! They hold a photo sized 5x7” and I just thought they were really eye catching with all their pretty detailing around the frame. As with the wicker hearts, I don’t have anywhere to put them at the moment, but I couldn’t resist them and hopefully that’ll change soon anyway!

Nooo I didn’t buy more candles! Okay well maybe I did, but hey at 69p each can you blame me? You guys should know by now (if you follow my blog), that I seem to have an obsession with them at the moment! As I had never had one by this company before, I thought id go for the small size to see how they were, before buying the larger jars. I wasn’t too impressed with Winter Vanilla. Kept it burning for at least an hour in the hope the smell would eventually come through, but no such luck I’m afraid. Whereas Apple Cinnamon, I’m definitely a fan! Only had it burning for 5 minutes and straight away the room filled with its scent. Love cinnamon and spices smells at this time of the year. Something about them make you feel all cosy.

These are the drinking jars I originally wanted to go Home Bargains for! All summer I had been wanting to get some, but just never got around to it, or the ones I did see didn’t have lids like these ones do. Okay so they’re not Kilner ones, but again for the price of them I really can’t be complaining. They cost me 69p each!!! Yup the same price as the candles. At that price I’m going to get a few more. At least they’ll do until I get myself some Kilner ones. I love the drinking jars, so American and different.

Feeling festive? Well I was when I was shopping so this ended up in my basket :D yup… Christmas really is “the most wonderful time of the year!”         It’s a latte cup, so a little taller than a regular tea cup and it cost £1.29.

And finally are these super cute Gingerbread Baking Kits! They make such a lovely gift for anyone who loves to bake and contain (most) of the ingredients to make 10 gingerbread cookies, including a gingerbread man cutter! The only ingredients you have to supply yourself when baking, is 100g of butter and some water. As you can see from the close up image, these originally retail at £7 in other store. Guess how much they cost me? (Go on try and see if you’re right). Well they cost only £1.99 each! I got one for my niece, one for “the boyfriends” stepmum to go with something else (she loves to bake) and I think I will head back there soon to get one each for the 2 kids I look after as part of their presents.

Well I hope you enjoyed this little home haul post. If you did, please feel free to leave a comment down below. I do enjoy reading any comments left and I will reply to them as soon as I can.
Both these shops have some amazing products at such good prices. I’ve had a look and they are both online, although I’m sure not everything is on their websites and I don’t think you can order online at Pound Stretcher. They are (both) always changing their deals, so you may be better off seeing where your nearest one is and go in store to see what they have.

Until next time...

Love Hannah xx

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  1. You got some right good buys there, I love looking in the cheaper homeware shops - they have some really great stuff!
    I want that gingerbread kit so much, oh my gosh. xx

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

    1. Hey Kat! Thanks for the comment <3
      Yeah i was really surprised/impressed with what they had to offer actually! I have been in HB before, so know they are usually quiet good. But had never been to PS and although some things are not the best quality, theres still some good ones to choose from and if you're on a tight budget then its great! Oh how adorable is that gingerbread kit :) i wish i knew more people to buy it for as i love them too ha! Might go back this weekend and get some bits for a "stocking filler post" xx