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Hope everyone's having a great week so far? This weeks post is all about gift ideas for the special man/men in you life. Be it your husband, dad, boyfriend, brother, older son, or someone else, hopefully this post will give you some ideas if you're having problems thinking of what to buy.

Lets start off with something that you can never go wrong with! Boxers and socks!! Yup no matter who you are buying for, I don't think you can go wrong with boxer shorts and socks! Don't ask me why, but I think its just because guys can be so awkward, we go for the safest option? Now there's no need for me to leave any links for you, as there are so many out there you wont be short of choice.

If you've ever seen them watching the TV show, then this may be a good option. Okay, so they wont be able to win any money from this (unlike the show), but hey at least they can try out those "skills" they think they have every time they watch it and scream at the telly that they could be better! PLUS if you're anything like me, you'll be interested in testing out your own skills?
After having a look around, you can purchase this from many different stores including, Argos, Toysrus, John Lewis, Very, eBay, Amazon, Smyths Toy Shop, Tesco & more.
The cheapest I found it was £18.38 from Tesco, but they are currently out of stock, so Argos, John Lewis and eBay were the next cheapest at £19.95

Now there are loads to choose from, but the one I'm going to be writing about is the Philips NT316010 Series 300. Its a great little bargain and is available in lots of retailers; John Lewis, Tesco, Boots, Argos, Amazon and more. Since men don't think like us women, they wont think you're trying to insults them I promise ;) well I guess I can't speak on behalf of them ALL!
The cheapest I have found it is from John Lewis, Tesco and Amazon for £10

I understand all men have different opinions, but from previous experience I know these two are a hit! Either one of these are a great option. If you're unsure, next time you're in a shop that sells fragrances go give them a sniff and see what you think.
Again you can find them in loads of retails; Boots, Superdrug, House of Frasier, John Lewis, Very, Amazon, eBay, The Fragrance Shop and more.
Since they come in different sized bottles, prices vary depending on size and from shop to shop. Just to give you an idea, a 50ml bottle can be found from £26+ and 100ml from £40+

Sticking with "eau de toilette" this is one of my favourites for men. It's slightly more expensive, but worth it and smells a m a z i n g ! This is by far my current favourite for mens aftershave. You can find it at; Boots, John Lewis, Selfridges, Debenhams, House of Frasier, The Perfume Shop, Amazon and more.
As I mentioned, this one is a little more pricey and a 50ml bottle can set you back from around £49+ and a 100ml bottle starts from £68+

Yup you just read that right! Here are some great gifts for blokes who spend lots of time in the bathroom. These are just humorous, (thoughtful) and just one of those "novelty" gifts. I don't think they need much more explaining, so I'll just let you see for yourself from the pictures.
Best place to get these are online from sites like Amazon and eBay. Price ranges from £5-£8

If you've seen my November Favourites you would have seen this on there, but I do think its a great gift for someone into their music. Pop over and see my review and see what I said about it!
CD's are available in many retailers, but to name a few; Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, WHSmith, HMV, Amazon, eBay and more.
Price varies from shop to shop, but I purchased mine from Sainsbury's for £10.

Every year I get this album when it comes out. Another great gift for a music lover. Usually has a selection of all the popular songs from the current year, covered by different Artists spread over 2 CD's. Again it's available in many retailers; Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, WHSmith, HMV, Amazon, eBay and more.
The cheapest I have found is on Amazon for £11

This is not for the faint hearted! A spin on the classic Jelly Belly Beans. I'm sure if you watch YouTube videos, you would have seen it before? If not then all you do is spin the wheel and whichever colour it lands on you eat that colour bean. Sounds simple right?... Well its not because theres a catch, for each colour bean there is the original flavour BUT there is also an alternative flavour. For example: you spin and land on a brown bean. The original flavour is Chocolate Pudding, the alternative is DOG FOOD! Some of the other alternate beans consist of mouldy cheese, lawn clippings and vomit just to name a few!
I've only managed to find these on Amazon and eBay, but my local garden centre also stocks Jelly Belly and so they have these too.
After looking around the cheapest was on eBay for £7.50

No matter how old the person is you are buying for, give them one of these and they'll be a little boy again. There are so many different brands/types out there, its hard just to name one. But if you do your research you can pick one up for anywhere from £15+

I'm going to end the post there and hopefully I've given some of you some ideas? As always, please do feel free to leave your thoughts in a comment below. I do love reading comments and seeing what you guys have to say! Let me know if you want to see another "gift idea" post before Christmas and also whom for.

Hope you all have a great week/weekend and i shall see you again Sunday..:)

Love Hannah xx

All pictures have been found online and are not my own. However, all opinions are and i am not endorsed by any company mentioned to advertise their products.


  1. Calvin Klein boxer shorts are definitely a failsafe Xmas gift! // UK Fashion Blog

    1. Completely agree Amy! Thanks for popping by. Hannah xx

  2. Love this post, especially all the games! Boys/men love them no matter what age they are :D
    Fab gift guide, hon :)
    xox Nadia

    1. Thanks Nadia :) sorry for the late reply i've only just seen your comment! You're so right there, plus it gives us an excuse to give it a go too!! Hannah xx