October Favourites!!

So first of I want to start off and apologise for no post last week...
I had planned to do is one then, but work was pretty busy and in all honesty just didn't have time. Without wasting anymore time explaining the boring situation, lets just get started with my October favourites :)
Oh and can I just mention that I have not been paid or influenced in anyway, by any of the companies I am about to talk about.

 Superdrugs Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser..
Two days a week, my wok involves being in an environment that can be pretty dusty at times. When my skin gets dirty/dusty it suffers and I break out badly! So I decided to try and find something that was going to help and deeply cleanse my face at the end of the day and that's when I came across this item. I don't like to spend a lot of money on an item I haven't heard much about, just incase it turns out to be a waste. So when I was in superdrug one day having a browse I saw that they had a buy one get one half price offer on their vitamin e collection and so decided to give it a go. I mean their prices are good without this offer on anyway, but I always have liked a bargain ;)
I now have 2 items in this range I highly recommend and the second one you will find below.
Anyway.... Back to talking about the cleanser. I use this twice a week and my skin feels amazing afterwards! Since I've been using it, my breakouts have been a lot calmer and I've found I no longer have really bad spells, unless its that horrid time of the month and nothing seems to work then! For just £4.99 you get a 200ml bottle and muslin cloth.
When do I use mine?.. I use mine after my shower at the end of the day. Before my shower I remove my makeup using micellar wipes, after my shower I use Micellar water to remove any excess makeup/dirt and then I use the hot cloth cleanser, followed by my serum and moisturiser. 
Superdrugs Vitamin E Moisture Boost Serum
I get dry skin and even though I moisturise after my shower, my face always still feels tight. Most of it is due to our hard water, but the other part is just dry skin. This serum works a treat for me and since I've started using this with my moisturiser it's been so much better! The great thing is; not a lot is needed. About the size of a pea or two! A little definitely goes a long way with this serum :)
TIP: everyone (may) already do this anyway but in case you don't, always put serums/cream on with your fingertips. Not only can you then work in small circular motions that help massage the face, but the cream/serum won't soak into your palms that way either!
Simple Micellar Water
Why did I not find this sooner? Okay so its not exactly a favourite just for October, I've been using Micellar water for a few months now, but still wish I knew abut it years ago! The one I have been using since October is by Simple. To be honest I've tried from 3 different brands now and I cannot fault any of them! As mentioned above, this stuff really works its magic when removing any excess dirt/dust or makeup left behind after a shower.

Superdrug Micellar Facial Wipes
Surprise surprise! Another superdrug item thrown in ;) after getting on so well with the Micellar water, I decided to give the wipes a go for removing my makeup before my shower in the evenings. I needed some new ones to take away to Portugal with us and that's when I stumbled across these one. They do their job so easily and efficient!
Dove Derma Series Body Cleanser
So this is not only one of my fav's for last month, but it's probably also my bargain of the month! This stuff sells in a high end shop for around £16. BUT... When I came across it in my local 99p shop; all boxed and sealed up, I straight away thought it must have been a good product just from its packaging and that's when I had a look online when I got home and saw the RRP elsewhere.
It's a body cleanser to use in the shower and it leaves your skin feeling lovely and smooth afterwards! You wash as you normally would (shower gel/soap etc) and then you use this cleanser. Rub it in like you would cream and then rinse. It's as simple as that :D

BOOTS Simply Sensitive Hydrating Eye Cream
Self explanatory this eye cream hydrates the under eye area. I pop a bit on under my eyes and gentle rub it in and any excess on my finger I rub onto my eyelids, before applying my makeup. It soaks into the skin, feeling soft and smooth and unlike other eye creams I've tried in the past, it doesn't go oily after a certain amount of hours! Because of the soothing aloe vera in it, it reduces the apprance of my dark circles and I'm just really liking it at the moment.
 Maybelline Lipstick in Shade: 975 Divine Wine
Loving this lipstick at the moment. It's a lovely rich, dark red tone. Very autumnal! It's a matte finish, feels very silly when applying and once it's been blotted and dried, lasts s good few hours before a touch up is needed. By all means it's not the longest lasting lipstick I've had, but the colour and the feel make up for it :) 

MUA (Makup Academy) Mega Volume Mascara
I'm having a bit of a love/hate relationship with this mascara at the moment! Wasn't sure if I should include it or not, but due to the low price (£3) thought it was worth putting it on and maybe you can try it yourself. Okay so first of all, let's start with the pros; the end result, as in the look when it's on your eyelashes is good. It does really make the lashes look longer and it's not thick, so doesn't clump them together.
And then the cons; it's almost like it never fully "dries". It remains tacky thoughout the day. If you were to touch the lashes even hours after application, they feel sticky and you're likely to have some on your fingers.
The only reason I tried this, is the reviews online were saying how it was just like MAC and Benefit mascaras. So yeah I'm not entirely sure about this one just yet. I think for the sake of an extra £5 I'll go back to my usual mascara.

Kringle Candle: Spiced Apple
I am currently in love with this candle at the moment!! The smell is so good i want to eat it. (Yup it's that good)! Brought it at a local garden centre, but have looked online and you can order from a few retailers online. They had loads to choose from and I was there for a little while sniffing a few, before I came to this one and instantly knew "it was the one"! Always uncertain when buying candles; they smell so good in the shop, but you can never really tell if they're going to smell that good once lit. Which is why I decided to opt for a tealight, before committing to a larger jar. But even though the smell isn't overpowering, you can definitely smell it when it's lit, so I will be heading back to by the larger size when this one is done :)
The other thing I love about this candle since it's coming up to Christmas, is its name.. It's by a company called Kringle! You can't really get more Christmassy than that can you?


  1. I really need to try this Vitamin E range from Superdrug, I keep reading such amazing reviews of it! Great post Hannah

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. Hey thanks for reading :) you must give it a go their bits are amazing and so affordable! The only thing I'm not keen on from what i have tried, is their micellar water. Love Hannah xx