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Hey guys!..

So last week I was nominated by the lovely Hayley (thanks hun), over at ShiftMyBooty to do the "Get To Know Me Tag". Be sure to go and check out her blog and see her answers :) i kind of got a bit carried away with my answers, so I decided to keep it as a main post, rather than a little extra!
Shall we jump straight into it and get started?..

Question 1)   Is your hair naturally straight or curly?

Not really either. Frizzy more like! But i guess its "frizzy curly" if thats an option? It's pretty much identical to the ladies in this photo once i've washed and dried it!! Okay so maybe not as bad but honestly close enough!

Question 2)   Do you dye it yourself, or go to a salon?

Never got it coloured at a salon before, always done it myself. I don't really go to get it cut either tend to just trim it myself when needed, or if it really needs fixing (layers put in etc), then i get my mums hairdresser to do it for me when she comes to do my mums hair.
There's two reasons for this, one being is that i don't fully trust a hairdresser. Paranoid more like in case it goes wrong. The second is purely the cost. Think if i can do it myself and it looks alright then why waste money, when you can spend it on other things :)

Question 3)   Do you wear the same style everyday, or do you change it?

More-a-less everyday. Depends what i am doing. But i'll straighten it on the day i wash it and then either straighten it the next day, or will leave it how its fallen (which is usually nice and wavy as i tie it up for bed), and i'll just straighten the odd bits at the front.

Question 4)   How long does it take for you to put your makeup on?

Hmm. Again depends on what i'm doing. For work and the day's i know i'm not really doing much on, it'll only take 5 mins. When i want to put a little more effort in, like weekends going for lunch or shopping,  then 10 mins and if i'm going out somewhere nice/important, it can take anywhere from 10-40 minutes depending on the look i am trying to achieve. 

Question 5)   What do you do first? Eyes or face?

Face! Always have done. Never really had a problem doing it that way, although maybe i'll try eyes one day and see how it goes.

Question 6)   Do you collect makeup, or just buy as and when you need it?

Not sure on the answer to this. I'm not the sort of person to constantly be buying makeup to build up a collection. I will usually go and buy when i am near to running out of something. But then on some days i will walk into a shop and browse and decide i wanna try a new product and i'll get it. So yeah no huge, exciting makeup collection over here i'm afraid!

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Question 7)   How often do you wear false eyelashes?

We talking glue on ones or extensions? Glue on; don't think i've worn any for a good 2 or maybe more years. I'm lucky to have "longish" eyelashes, so with a good mascara i can sometimes get away with it. Don't like the way glue on ones feel on your eyes. As for extensions, then if i'm going on holiday or something then i think they are worth it.

Question 8)   What are your current everyday staples?

Hmm.. Guessing since it's a "Beauty Blogger Tag" it has to be beauty related right? Then in that case, i'm really loving the Maybelline colour drama lipsticks/pencils at the moment. Great colour, easy to apply and last for ages! I'm also really into Superdrugs Vitamin E skincare range. I mentioned 2 of them in my October Favourites last month, but have since brought a few other products and finding them to be just as good, so be sure to keep an eye out for my review on them in my upcoming November Favourites ;)

Question 9)   Do you wear makeup when you're home alone, or with family?

Yep. Without makeup on, i feel like something is missing. But i don't wear a lot anyway and with it only taking me 5 mins to do, i don't see why not. Saves the hassle of someone unexpected popping round or you needing to run to the shops for something at last minute i guess. 

Question 10)   How many high end products do you have?

Thinking about it, i don't think i actually have any. I tend to stick to drugstore makeup. I've found that there are so many drugstore cheaper alternatives that people are maybe a little worried to try. Just because its cheaper, does not mean it's going to be as crappy as you're probably thinking it's going to be. Again at the end of the day it comes down to money.. Me (personally), i'm not going to spend say £34 on something, when i can save myself possibly £24 if not more, on a cheaper alternative that is going to have the same look outcome as the more pricier one. Does that make any sense? On the other hand though i do know that some high end products are better and i do plan on testing some in the new year.

Question 11)   Do you plan your OOTD the night before, or decide when you're getting ready?

Mainly on a day to day basis it'll just be what i throw on when i'm getting ready. If its a special occasion or event, then outfit will be planned well in advance just in case a shopping trip is needed :)

Question 12)   How often do you change your handbag?

Depends how i'm feeling. Usually every couple of months. But then i always have a few at home so if i fancy a change or need something bigger/smaller then i can just switch it up.

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Question 13)   How often, or when do you work out?

Erm... Can we just skip to the next question :):):) no i should probably do more exercise, but the truth is i don't really. A few times a year a friend and i will get a free weeks pass to a different gym and we'll go there for the week, but i never sign up to one. I just can't justify signing up to a contract i may not end up getting my moneys worth out of! It's hard enough finding time to do things i need to do on a weekly basis, let alone having to worry about going to the gym! In the summertime i do tend to do a lot more walking. Since it stays drier and lighter for longer, my boyfriend and i enjoy going on long walks through local country parks. At the end of the day if i was really that bothered about going then i would, but for now i'm good :)

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Question 14)   Left or right handed?

I'm a righty :)

Question 15)   How tall are you?

I am 5ft 7in or 170cm 

Question 16)   Do you speak any foreign languages?

Nope. I would like to. I never really enjoyed french lessons at school due to the teacher we had and at my school it wasn't a compulsory subject, so i never took it. I would love to learn Spanish. I do have a few apps on my phone and every now and then i do try and teach myself a little more. I'm a long way off being fluent, but i'm trying and maybe one day i'll get there!

Question 17)   Sweet or Savoury?

Hmm... Think i'm going to have to go with savoury. I don't really have a huge sweet tooth. Would much rather a savoury snack to a cake or something like that. I'm the person who opens a bar or chocolate, decides i don't want anymore after a few squares so ill wrap it for the next day and then will still have it a week later, where i've just not fancied it again. Don't get me wrong, when i do get cravings for sweet snacks it can be dangerous ha.

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Question 18)   What's your favourite perfume?

I currently have 2 favourites at the moment. One of them I've been using for years and even compared to all "top branded" perfumes i still love it and unless you go and smell it for yourself you probably won't believe me.. It is Midnight Fantasy by Brittany Spears! Yup you read that right! I can't even remember how i came to discovering the smell, think it was by mistake somehow. But since that day its been my "go to" ever since! I'm not a lover of overpowering perfumes. I find they give me a headache if they're too strong. This one is one i can wear on a daily basis, it stays put for most of the day and as you seem to be able to find it on offer somewhere online or in store, at £11.50 a bottle i don't think you can complain?! I always get compliments and everyones always shocked when they hear what it is.
The second one is a more recent love of mine. I've only got a few sample bottles as hoping Santa will bring me some for Christmas!! I discovered this scent last month and fell in love instantly! It's at the other end of the price scale, but I haven't smelt anything like it before and I just couldn't resist. It's the NEW Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent! I don't want to say too much as i may decide to do a review on it one day, but it is definitely one of my current favs!
Question 19)   How many pets do you have?

I have 3; 2 cats (ones mine and the other is my sisters) and 1 dog. (Black Labrador for anyone wondering).
Although my boyfriend and i do want to get a French Bulldog :) just need to work on my mum a little more first since I'm still at home with them.
My Fur Baby x
Question 20)   Do you read comments posted on blogs?

Now wasn't sure if this meant on MY blog, or others? But to others, yes sometimes. It's nice to see what other people thought about the post you've just read. And to mine, yes of course! The comments are one of the best bits about having a blog. It's always nice to see what others thought about something I've written.

Question 21)   Do you keep a list of other products to try when you see other posts?

Not so much as a "list", (because that sounds like a lot of products)! But if i do see something i like, then yes i will have a look online for the particular item. I i decide i want it, i do sometimes end up ordering it online, or i will make a note of it to look at at a later date.

Question 22)   How did you come up with your blog name?

I can't really lie and come up with a good story for this one can i? I've been wanting to start a blog for over a year now and the name was one of the main things keeping me from going ahead. I wanted something catchy, hadn't been used before, but at the same time didn't limit my posts to one particular subject. So eventually decided to just stick with my name. Boring huh? I don't mind it though, better than something i decide a few months down the line i no longer like :)

Question 23)   What kind of camera do you use for your photos?

Currently my iPhone 5 and a Canon Powershot     hope to get a new camera soon though for a more "professional" look to my snaps.

Question 24)   What's your favourite colour?

In all honesty i don't really have a favourite colour. It varies depending what i need the colour for. As an example, i love the colour scheme black, grey and white, so my room is fitted in with those colours. But then again i do really like a nice Plum/Aubergine colour.
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Question 25)   Do you swear?

Guilty! But then most people do right? But I'm not one to do it constantly, only when i feel its necessary. But there is one word i hate and don't use myself and most people who i know, know not to use it around me!

Question 26)   What are you doing with the rest of your day?

It's currently a Saturday evening.. I plan to upload this on Wednesday, so once i have finished editing i will start to work on my post for tomorrow, which if you're reading this would already have been uploaded, so be sure to check that out!

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed? Feel free to leave any comments below. I do read them all and will reply to them as soon as i can :)

Love Hannah xx

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Look forward to seeing yours ladies :) x

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