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I've been really lucky recently in the sense that I've been loving some of the great products I've been introduced to. A few months back I attended BlogCon in Westminster, London. Along with many other brands, Merumaya had their own stall, introducing newbies (like me), to the company. Whilst I had never tried any Merumaya products in the past, I was keen to give them a try.
Everyone who went and saw/spoke to the team were given a 25ml sample bottle to take home to try. That evening was the first time trying the cleansing balm and four months down the line, one sample bottle and two full sized bottles later; I am still using it daily.

The sample pot lasted me a few weeks which I was really impressed with. After working out that a 100ml bottle should last me between 1-2 months, £17.50 was totally worth it and I ordered my first full-size bottle from Mermumaya's own website.
Since using the balm, removing my makeup has been less of a struggle every night. Before I jump in the shower of an evening, I apply a pea or two size amount to my finger, rub my fingertips together and onto my face. The balm has an oily like consistency, so a little goes a long way and it makes it easy to rub into the skin. Although I have sensitive eyes, the balm doesn't irritate them when it is applied and by using the balm, it helps to melt my mascara away from the lashes. When it's all rubbed in, I get in the shower and remove with the water.

Now when I first tried it, because of the oily texture, I was a little worried it would leave my skin feeling oily and uncontrollable and especially around my t-zone where I already suffer from oily skin. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was not the case. The balm does not leave an oily residue behind and instead leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed. I have to admit that I usually apply some micellar water to a cotton wool pad and wipe it over my face to remove any final bits of makeup or dirt that didn't come off in the shower, but around 90% of the time it's clear and the other 10% if from where I simply haven't applied enough of the balm to begin with.
If you're someone like me who is sceptical about spending on a product you're not sure will work for you or not, the great thing is you can order a sample size to try, before committing yourself to the full size. You can also find some of their products on Amazon, but if you're not a prime member you will have to spend over £20 to get free shipping. Mermumaya offers free shipping on your first order over on their own site, so yay to no postage costs :)

Have you tried Mermumaya before? Would love to hear your thoughts and your favourite products if you have!

Love Hannah xx


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  1. This seems really like the Clarins Marula Cleanser! K x