What I Got For Christmas | 2016 | 100th Post

Since this is my 100th blogpost, I thought it was only right to do a fun one. I personally love reading these post's and really enjoyed doing mine from last year, so thought what better way than to make this my 100th post?
Terry and I decided to stay at mine Christmas Eve. Its the first time we've been at mine for Christmas morning since we've been together (usually at his), so it was nice to be home with my Mum and Dad in the morning for a change and for the first time in six years!

From my parents I got some perfume, chocolate and a cheque. It wouldn't be Christmas without a box of Ferrero Rocher right? Terry's Dad and Stepmum got me a small mirror to keep at theirs to do my makeup at. Two jars with a cookie mix in one and a shortbread mix in the other. Some money and a cinema voucher for Terry and I to use together.
Terry's Mum got me a Benefit makeup gift set and a Body Shop set. My middle sister got me a Funkin cocktail gift set which didn't last long enough to add in these photos I'm afraid, but it tasted so good! And my oldest sister paid for Terry and I to stay in a hotel overnight Boxing Day. We was at theirs Boxing Day and rather than everyone fighting over a space to sleep and a shower the next morning, we went back to our own room; with a nice comfy bed and a shower we only had to worry about ourselves using.
As always, Terry got me loads! He got me: a Body Shop gift set, Garnier Micellar water and BB cream. Some extra warm and comfy slippers. A "grow your own boyfriend" for when I need a replacement ;) perfume (Britney Spears midnight fantasy is surprisingly one of my favourite perfume's ever)! See I'm cheap to please :) I have so many perfumes at the moment, I didn't need any more other than a top up of that one in particular.
He also got me 24 pairs of socks! Yes. Lets just let that sink in for a minute before we move on haha! Most people might get you 3 or 5 pairs depending on the pack size. But not Terry! He got me 8 packs of 3 pairs! At least I won't be running low anytime soon.

A Vape Pipe; which we've both been looking at getting one for a while now in the hope it'll help us cut back on cigarettes. I'm thinking of writing a post o that soon to let you know how its going? Let me know if it's something you'd be interested in.

And lastly, is a MAC gift voucher. I put a lipstick and liner on my list, but with money still left over once those two are brought, I desperately need your help! Please send me your MAC recommendations? Thinking possibly their setting powder? Anyone tried it?

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and let me know in the comments what you got!

Love Hannah xx


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  1. Looks like you got spoiled for Christmas! The older I get, the less I get but that's ok. I love that Terry got you so much pairs of socks! Did you get round to getting a few bits from Mac? I think I'd recommend Whirl lipstick/lip liner. I love their eyebrow pencils and also their fix plus setting spray which you could try. I also want to purchase a few of their blushes but you may have used the voucher by now!

    Shannon // shannonkara.com