Holiday Diaries | Portugal | Vilamoura | Part 2/2

Back on the 22nd October, Terry and I returned back from holiday in Portugal. As always, its horrible being back home, but I've been reminiscing looking back over our photos and reading the diary entries. You can find Part 1 HERE, so be sure to pop on over and read about our first few days in Vilamoura.

No Chinese last night, *cry face emoji*! Mind you we decided we'd have it for lunch today instead, but that didn't happen either! I'm saying tomorrow night now? I don't want to leave it until our last night, so we're only left with tomorrow.

Been a bit grey today. The suns been hiding behind the clouds all days, but it's still been pretty warm and kind of muggy. We decided to take advantage of the cooler weather and took the two mile walk along to Quarteira. It's the next town along from Vilamoura, which is accessible from following the beach path from the marina. As much as I like fish, I'm really not a fan of the smell, but we braved it and went into the fish market to have a look. After that we came to the fresh fruit and veg market. Surrounded by so many beautiful colours.

After walking for a bit, we stopped to have a coffee and then continued to have a browse in some of the shops, before heading back to the marina.

We've found a nice little cafe around the back from where we're staying. It's open until late, serves great coffee, sangria and crepes and best of all, is the cheapest place we've found in the area. It's literally, out our apartment door and across the road. So convenient!

10.56pm. Current location: laying on the sofa.
Terry and I are such grannies! Like we really cannot handle late nights. Each night we've said we'd try stay out a bit later, but come 10/10.30pm we're both trying not to fall asleep at the bar, or wherever we are lol! Like this evening we decided to go to the cocktail bar. After about two drinks in we had to give in!!

So yes we are back at the apartment. I have showered and now in my jimmy jams and currently laying on the sofa, catching up with emails and s**t.
Anyway... We made today another beach day. After breakfast we came back to put on some washing and then headed down to the further beach. We both currently look like walking lobsters! I put lotion on; but completely forgot about my back and Terry didn't bother listening to me when I told him to put any on, so he's burnt all over. Luckily we're not so bad we're in pain or anything. Fingers crossed it just turns brown by the morning once it's cooled down?
So we finally got to have Chinese tonight. Not going to lie, wasn't as great as we hoped/expected. Was nice, but we've definitely had better back at home. Still pretty stuffed though, we ordered loads and it was about 4 hours ago.
On a different note, last full day tomorrow *cry*!! Always such a sad day. Thankfully the holiday hasn't gone quick. It's been just right, but it's always a horrible feeling to go home. Back to reality :(
So I kicked Terry's butt at mini golf today!! Yay! Okay yeah I lied.. He beat me by 16 :( but we had fund nevertheless, plus I half expected to loose since I'm terrible at golf!
By the time we'd finished up at golf it was around lunch time, so we headed back to the marina to get something to eat. We decided to go to the same place we visited last year on our first visit to Vilamoura. It was just as good as we remembered.
After lunch, we went for a walk around and popping in to look in a few shops. We decided to stop in a tea shop along the marina, where we got a coffee each and sampled 2 macarons and one of their cakes. The desert was amazing and the macarons were lovely. Such a pretty little spot too!
Tonight as it was our last full evening, we decided to go to one of the restaurants along the marina, where we hadn't yet been to. We had some great pasta. Spent some time walking around and then headed over the back to have a jug of sangria between us before coming back to the apartment.
It's just gone 4pm and we're currently sitting over at the cafe I've mentioned a few time, where they have the best crepes! We had to vacate the apartment at 12 this afternoon and since then, we've been dragging our cases around everywhere we go! One of the down sides of not staying at a hotel I guess, no lobby to leave cases at. To be fair, it hasn't been as bad as we expected. Still got another three and a half hours until our transfer collects us for the airport. The clouds have darkened today. Secretly happy about that. We managed to get the last of the good weather. Storm predicted for the next few days, although I am a little worried about flying this evening, since the weather forecast say tonight as well!
I dragged Terry along with me to a local museum here by the marina. Its called Cerro Da Vila.
Although he didn't come in with me, he waited outside with the luggage. To be fair he wouldn't have liked it anyway and I was out within about 30 minutes, so it kind of goes to show that it wasn't too impressive. It was great to see the ancient ruins, but the whole thing was a little smaller than I expected. Oh well, it was only 3 euros so I can't really complain that much.
We're going to order some dinner soon I think. Have an early dinner before we get picked up. Its definitely got colder and the dark storm clouds are starting to come over. I think before the rain comes and while we're waiting for our dinner, I'm going to go and take one last look over the marina..

That's it for our trip :( hope you enjoyed the post and don't forget you can find Part 1 HERE.

Love Hannah xx
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  1. I love your travel posts and I love how they are centred around food (because I can very much relate to that haha). I haven't had Chinese food in ages and I'm now really craving spring rolls, they're so good. It's a shame that the Chinese food wasn't that great but those crêpes look amazing! Your pictures of the harbour are stunning and I think we're all secretly happy when the weather is bad the day we leave - that also makes going home a bit easier xx

  2. So excited for you guys!! Very well deserved holiday & I am so happy you had such a fantastic time!! :D It's never easy to come back from a holiday but all the memories keep you going until you get another getaway booked ;)
    xox Nadia

  3. Such a gorgeous holiday diary babe! So lovely to see what you got up to on your tropical vacay, I'm loving all the delicious food, the exotic views and the lovely sight-seeing you got up too sweets. The marina looks all the magical and as for the ice cream and crepes, yum ;) The cocktails and cakes look really divine too. October's definitely a nice month to escape the miserable UK weather and enjoy a bit more heat. Totally could do with a sunshine drenched holiday right about now with this miserable weather! So happy you had fun and enjoyed your break babe <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo