The Dreaded "S" Test | My First Smear Test | What To Expect

Back at the start of the year I received my letter inviting me to book an appointment with the nurse. I kind of "accidentally" forgot about said letter, until I received the second. Realising it was something I couldn't really put off for much longer, I decided I would wait for the summer and would book it in then.
Thinking ahead, I thought it would be a lot easier when I could get away with wearing a dress or something. Well as you can see, I missed the summer. We're now in October and I couldn't avoid it for any longer, so that plan backfired..

I decided to write this post for anyone like myself, who had doubts, was putting it off for whatever reason, or is just quiet frankly scared for the results part.
You may feel perfectly fine in your general health, but this IS a big deal. This IS a test that could potentially catch anything, before it progresses into something worse. And this COULD save your life.

I'm not gunna lie... I'm terrified. Waiting on the results (as with anything that requires waiting for results), is horrible. You instantly think about all the worst possible outcomes, but I need to try and stop. Theres no point worrying until I know for sure right?

So the reason why you're probably here, is because you want to know how the test went? What happens? Was it painful? Is it embarrassing? At least, they're the question I wanted to know beforehand anyway.

Lets get the "embarrassing" part out the way shall we? So thinking ahead, I made sure I booked my appointment for first thing in the morning, since I was still working when I booked it. Just gunna say it, theres nothing worse then being at work all day, with all that sweating or what not that goes on down there and having to get your bits out, for a nurse to get up close and personal with it. Hence the morning appointment, freshly showered before leaving the house. I might as well also add that I did book it so it went along with my shaving regime. It was time to shave this weekend just gone, so I knew I would be hair free(ish), come Monday morning. Sorry maybe TMI, but you should know by now I like to share :)
What I kept telling myself, is that this is their job. They're so used to seeing that area in all shapes, sizes, hairless, or full grown bush; that I shouldn't worry too much, but the reality is I did and I know I won't be alone in thinking this?

So my appointment was at 9.40am this morning and I was there at 9.35am, waiting patiently for my name to be called. I did think about getting up and leaving. I did think last night about not going, but deep down I knew I had to have it done. My name was finally called and I headed down the hall to the nurse's room.

The nurse was lovely, she knew it was my first and she did a great job at explaining everything to me and reassuring me she wasn't going to do anything until I felt comfortable. She showed me the tool (Speculum) that she was going to be putting inside the vagina canal to open it up a little and the small brush for the sample.

The test.. I undressed from the waist down and laid down on the bed. The nurse inserted the speculum which wasn't too much of an issue if you're used to inserting tampons. She then uses the brush to swab the cervix. Not going to lie, this bit was a bit uncomfortable. It didn't hurt, just felt a slight discomfort. She asked me to count to 5 and then it was over. Its been about 3 hours since I had it done and I'm in no pain. The only way I can think to describe it, is that I've put a tampon in and its in a slightly awkward position. Sorry to be gross.
So thats it! My experience of my first smear test. Luckily I don't have to have another one for 3 years if results are all okay with this one. Fingers crossed. Its now a waiting game to find out.

Hopefully I've managed to answer any question you may have had if you haven't yet had yours done?

**UPDATE: Thankfully test results came back clear!**

Love Hannah xx


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  1. Hannah, I dont know why but this post made me smile! I just booked my first test too and its in a couple of weeks! Eek! This post was super helpful and has given me a little comfidence as to what to expect.

    Thank you!!

    Eb x


    1. Hey Eboni. Thank you for your comment. I was really unsure about posting this, but really hoped it could possibly help someone, so even if it's just one person it was worth it :) good luck hun, if I can get through it, so can you :) xx

  2. I actually had a baby before my first smear test, so to me I wasn't embarrassed or worried, but I understand the fear behind it all, but it is SO important, and so glad you posted this to help others to see how needed it is - no matter how embarrassing it may be!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. Thanks Erin. Haha yeah I've herd from other people that once you have a baby, you kind of don't feel as embarrassed anymore xx

  3. very informative, thanks Hannah! This was one of the tests that a nurse advised me to skip, so I never took it. great to know what they really do to you in this test.

    1. Oh really? That's interesting to know. I wonder why? Mind you, as with all sorts of treatment I guess there are good and bad points to each one? Thanks for the comment xx

  4. I had my first one last year. It was a bit terrifying because I actually went to have it done as I was in pain down my side at the time. The doctor took one look at me and said: "We need to get the smear done. Now". Imagine the horror on my face!
    Thankfully, it all came clear. It just happened to be a small functional ovarian cyst which obviously appeared as a part of the cycle (excuse the TMI part, hon). It went away quickly and the scan confirmed it. Then when we moved to the mainland UK I got a letter to get the smear test done again haha. I went because apparently the system didn't register my test that I did in N. Ireland. They were happy with the results, and so was I :) Glad you didn't put it off, honey.
    Did you get your results yet?
    xox Nadia