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I didn't really think this was a thing until a few months ago. But it is! And truth be told I'm actually really glad it is a thing, because I do love to be think I'm super organised and got my s**t together!
It's been on my to do list in my head for a while now and because I'm quiet, (let's just say forgetful), I kept forgetting to do them. After the bloggers ball back in June, and having to write all my details down for each business, I realised how easy life would be if I hurried up and frigging got my cards sorted! Finally last week they popped in my head and I made it my mission to get them done.

I've used Vista Print in the past and had a discount code which I found online, so decided to just use who I knew.
I like to be able to design my own cards and know I did it on my own.. For me, attention to detail is key, even down to paying a little more to get a gloss finish. When a brand looks at your card, they don't want a thin piece of card and something that's not very thought out, so tiny details make all the difference. I feel it makes you look more professional too. Adding text/images on the back also added extra on the price, but at the end of it; I'm left with a product I'm happy with.
For 250 cards including the postage charges, it cost me around £34.99 for anyone interested to know.
Standard card: £11.98
Colour on reverse side: £7.49
Deluxe glossy: £5.00
Postage: £3.99
Would love to know what you think?! Do you have cards made up? Or are you like how I was and have it on your endless to do list?
Love Hannah xx
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  1. These cards are gorgeous Hannah! I love the pretty design you chose, at once eye-catching and pretty and professional. I love the pretty pink hues to them and they're so unique and cute. Definitely a stunning design to be proud of, and one that sums up your gorgeous space here oh so well! <3

    Like you, blog business cards were on my wish-list for a long while and I finally got them sorted earlier this year when I attended Blognix (I left that to the last minute though, and ended up paying way more in postage than I wanted to so they arrived in time haha). It's nice to just hand them to people and for them to then get an instant understanding of your blog and be able to check it out. I think with a card they're more likely to go and see your blog too, instead of just writing the link down and forgetting about it later on. I was super rushed last time so didn't opt for a glossy finish but you've definitely inspired me for next time! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment hun :) yeah postage can sting you if you need it the next day lol! Glad you managed to get them in time though. I think you're definitely right, you're more likely to remember a card than I written link. You'll have to send me a picture of your cards, love seeing different designs xx

  2. I have to admit that I wasn't even on my list - until now. Getting blog cards is an amazing idea and I should really get my own, especially if I plan to attend any blogger events. Your cards look really professional and pretty and I think they represent your blog really well. I also like to think I'm organised but I've wanted to get a new template and go self-hosted for ages and it has just not happened so far haha. xx

    1. Thanks sweetie :) glad you like them! They are a big life saver at events, can't wait to take a few to the next event in September. Oh getting a new template can be a headache sometimes lol but going self-hosted was actually really simple I found xx

  3. You go girl!! They are so pretty <3 So professional & organised, indeed! I love the idea of getting blog cards printed. Personally, I haven't even thought of it but think it's so handy to have them - you never know, right? ;)
    xox Nadia

    1. Exactly:) thanks hunnie! Especially with how fast your blogs growing, think you should definitely get yourself some xx