March Favourites..

Some of you may have noticed I never did a February favourites post? If you didn't notice, well now you know ;) February flew by so quickly, I didn't feel like I had really found any items that month that was worth showing. Either that, or maybe I just wasn't really looking? Either way, I thought it would be best to leave out February altogether and just move onto March's when the time came around.
Now March has been and gone, I've realised I still don't have many to add onto my list. But there have been a few bits here and there, so thought I'd compose a short list of all those items..
Seventeen Concealer
I first got this concealer at the end of February. You can see my review of it in this post HERE. It's quickly become a favourite product and I have been using it everyday since. Although I still have loads left, I went and brought another one last weekend; just so I had a back up as soon as the current one runs out. The shade I originally purchased was fair and while this works wonders on both blemishes and to conceal my dark circles, not only did I repurchase fair, but I also picked up extra fair for some extra brightness under my eyes.
Seventeen CC Cream-Matte Radiance
Another product by Seventeen, is their CC cream. In the past I have used their BB cream and it's been something I've got on really well using. However, I was looking for something that was going to be a little lighter on the skin, so whilst I was in Boots one day, picked up the CC cream in the shade light. I've only been using it on and off for about 2 weeks on the days I fancy some extra coverage, but I'm really liking it. I don't wear foundation as I don't like the feel of it being cakey on my skin. With the CC cream being a light consistency, it almost feels like a tinted moisturiser. The colour blends in really nicely with my skin tone and it dries to a matte finish; which is another plus in my books, (really dislike that tacky feeling on the skin)! I would say it's light to medium coverage and once I use my loose powder on top, it's there for the rest of the day.
Topshop Lipstick & Liner
The other week I did a review post on these two which you can read HERE. Even though I haven't been using these for that long, I wanted to include them as I've been using them more-a-less everyday since. The liner is really easy to use and while I was disappointed with the wear time of the lipstick, I do really like the colour. With it being a satin finish and quiet moisturising, it's no hassle just re-applying as and when needed. 
Watering Can/Vase
If you follow me on Instagram (if you're not, why not ;) do so by clicking here), then you may have seen this picture a couple of weeks ago. It's definitely one of my bargains of the month. Found in a local charity shop and cost me just £1!! I thought the colour was perfect for Spring and since it's not completely waterproof, all I do is pop a small glass in the bottom, before placing pretty flowers in there. 
So tying in with the above mention, I am loving flowers at the moment. Since we are now in Sping, Tulips are one of my favs and I love all the different colours you can pick up! Sainsburys have some cute bunches in a selection of different colours (same as ones in the watering can photo), for just £2.50. They only last around 5-7 days, but for the low price and how pretty they look, you can't complain too much right? Failing that, these carnations above come in a range of different colours. Come in a reasonable size bunch, cos
t just £1.50 and last for around 2-3 weeks!! 
Otrivine Sinusitis Spray
Bit of a random one, but this little gem has been the reason I can sleep at nights when I've been feeling rough! I've been ill on and off for the last month with a cold and at nights, not being able to breathe through my nose is a big issue. A spray of this in both nostrils and 2 mins later I can breathe again!! If you're battling a cold at the moment and having the same problem, give it a go.
Photograpghy Staging
Another random one I wanted to add in.. Lately I've really been enjoying taking snaps for my posts and Instagram. It's all about letting your imagination flow and although I'm liking the whole, less is more with my props at the moment, I am enjoying the outcome of the photos. 

That's it I'm afraid for March's Fav's. There just doesn't seem to be anything else jumping out at me. Maybe because February and March have been pretty busy for me with work, I've just not been using as much as I usually would? Whatever the reason is, I will make it my mission to keep an eye out during April :)

Name something you've enjoyed using during March.

Love Hannah xx

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  1. Your photos are amazing, I love the marble background! And I totally understand why you didn't do a February favourites post - this is exactly the reason I'm only talking about my favs every 3 months haha. I also love your watering can, it's so cute and beautiful vases are a must-have for spring. ;) My favourite beauty product this month would be the UD Smoky Palette. xx

    1. As always, thank you Mira for your comment <3 I'm glad I'm not the only one missing months ;) I couldn't resist the vase esp at such a low price! I actually don't own a UD palette. I know all the hype about them should make me want one, but at the moment I'm happy with my cheap drugstore lol! One day I'll venture into that world though ;) Hannah xx

  2. Fab post as always Hannah! Love the picks you've got this month :) funnily enough I didn't do any February favourites either - I think it was a bad month for us beauty bloggers! Love your picks from Seventeen. They've seriously upped their game lately and I'm curious to try out some of their things - especially that concealer. Love your marble background too, your photography is amazing :)

    Amy |

    1. Thanks Amy :) glad to hear my photography is paying off haha and that I'm not alone in missing out February! I think it just went by way to quick. Didn't really have anything beauty, or unrelated to mention last month. I highly recommend the concealer! I originally went to purchase the collection one everyone raves about, but after trying both on the back of my hand in store, I preferred the feeling of the seventeen one. Hannah xx

  3. The Seventeen concealer looks incredible, does such an amazing job - must try!! Great picks babe - I'm in love with photography staging atm to I find it so fun!

    Megan X

    1. Definitely a must try Megan! It's only about £4.99 I think, so doesn't break the bank either. Yeah I'm loving your photos at the moment, have to agree it is fun making things look pretty :) Hannah xx

  4. That collection concealer makes such a huge difference! I haven't tried that one yet. I love that Topshop shade, heard such good things about their beauty stuff, still haven't looked at any of it yet! Watering can vases are so pretty, I have a similar one! x

    Tamz |

    1. Hey Tamzin thanks for popping by :) yeah I definitely think I'll be picking up another lippie shade soon! I don't think you can go wrong with a cute watering can :D Hannah xx