So those of you who follow me on Twitter, may know that on Wednesday, I went and had a treatment done called Microblading. For those of you who don't know, (or haven't heard of it before), microbalding is semi permanent makeup on your brows.
The treatment is done using a special tool (that looks a bit like a paper cutting pen), which has around 7-12 teeny tiny blades on the end of it and lasts between 1.5-2 years, depending on what products you use on your face/brow area. After your first session, a top up session is required 4-6 weeks after.
This treatment varies in price, salon to salon. When Niki has her shop up and running next month in Epping, Essex, she will be charging £300 (this price will include the touch up).
I thought it would only be right that I shared my experience with you and for any of you thinking or looking at getting it done yourself, to understand just how the process happens..
*can I just throw this disclaimer out there and say that this post is based entirely on my experience and I understand some factors may vary from salon to salon, or person to person. 

The day before I sent over some photos of my natural brow, so Niki was able to get an idea of the colour needed. More often than not (like me), your colour may have to be specially mixed, using more than one shade.

Before Niki got started on drawing out my new shape, she threaded my brows and got rid of any stray/unwanted hairs. This was also a new experience for me and it's safe to say I think I'll stick to waxing! (If you have a sensitive area around your eyebrows, it's probably best not to get them waxed for at least a week or two beforehand).

Niki then set to work on creating and drawing the outline of my new brow shape. This is a step that takes time and patience! You know how hard it can be when you pencil them in and try to get them to match? Well this is morealess the same thing, just a bit trickier if you're getting them a bit thicker than your natural hair, or you don't have hair in that area. So be prepared to lay there for a while. This part is actually quiet relaxing and just remember, you don't want to rush them or you'll end up with odd brows!
Okay so once they were done, I had a look and gave my approval, it was full steam ahead to move onto the next stage...
I tried not to think about this main stage too much prior to it happening. As gruesome as it sounds, the small blades help to create hair stroke cuts, allowing the pigment to soak into the skin. The beautician dips the blades into the dye/colour and cuts the skins around your brows to give you the strokes. You've just got to keep telling yourself "beauty is pain". It doesn't help much but thought it would sound good ;) 
Niki started by going over the outline of my new shape. I'm not going to lie, it was slightly painful, but not the worst unbearable pain. Almost like someone was giving you a really bad scratch and drag slightly at the same time on your eyebrow. Once the outline had been done and thus the skin being cut, she then applied the numbing cream to soak into my skin. As soon as the numbing cream started working, I couldn't feel a thing! The second brow was slightly more painful, but knowing the cream was to come shortly, it got me through it! 
Once both brows were done, Niki cleaned the area and applied the rest of the colour all over to create a mask. The dye was left on for half an hour and this just allows it to soak into the skin a bit more.
The mask was wiped away after the 30 mins, Vaseline applied to keep them moisturised and I was left with my new brows!
That evening they were a little red and stung for a while. These pictures below were taken that evening..
My right brow has less hair on it, so you can see more on that bottom picture where the strokes have been added. Without the Vaseline on and a brush though, they don't look this harsh. When I go back for a touch up it will be blended in slightly more.
No makeup
The morning after the redness went, but they were still pretty dark and still stung slightly. I've just made sure I keep them well lubed with Vaseline to ensure they heal correctly :)

In 4-6 weeks I will go back for a touch up. This will be just filling in any gaps that got missed the first time, or where the pigment didn't take to the skin. I may have them darkened slightly too as now it's been a few days, the colours lightened a bit.
And that's my experience with getting my brows done! Thanks for passing by, I will be sure to do a top up post to let you know how's it's doing!

Have you ever had your eyebrows done, or any other semi permanent makeup? How did you find it? If not, have you ever considered getting something done and if so what?

Have a great weekend!

Love Hannah xx

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  1. Wow I think they look great, I am too scared to do things like this on my face though!! XX


    1. Haha! Yeah my mum thought I was mad trusting someone to do it!! But thanks for your comment sweet :) Hannah xx

  2. They look so good lovely - I told you they would! Thanks for sharing your experience! :)

    Megan Xx

  3. I have never heard of this! I have always wondered if there was a permanent way to fill in your eyebrows instead of a brow pencil. I so need to work on my brows... Thanks for sharing!

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