Oscars 2016 Gowns

So last night was the big night! The night everyone's been talking about for all the wrong reasons for months! The Oscars.
As soon as it was the red carpet time, I took to the Internet and managed to find myself a live stream and watched as the celebs rolled in, in all their designer gowns. By all means I am NO fashion guru. I'm probably the least experienced person when it comes to fashion, BUT I thought it would be fun to highlight my favourite outfits of the night and then those that I didn't favourite quiet so much..
My Favourites
Left to right, top to bottom.
So the first one that pops back into my mind from last night, is Lady Gaga. She looked beautiful. She is so well known for her extreme, over the top outfits; that it's nice and refreshing to she her rock up to an event, in such an elegant attire. Wearing this white pants suit and wearing her hair short, I think she looked very Marilyn Monroe.
I love the way this dress includes three tones; blue, purple and pink and rolls them all together so flawlessly. Reminds me of a mermaid tail and I think that statement necklace just finished it off nicely.
Can we just take a quick peek at Matt Damon's wife please? Doesn't she look great in this red number? It works in all the right places and keeping it simple with straight hair, doesn't make the look too fussy. 
Definitely one of my favs from the night, was this stunning white dress. The sheer material shows just enough skin underneath while still remaining classy and elegant. Plus who doesn't love a bit of a train right? Love this dress!
No I'm not a lover of green, but Saoirse looks lovely in this emerald green sequined dress. It really complements her pale skin and her fair hair.
Another great dress with a train. I love the way this one has different layers and flows so easily. A lovely bold statement colour, that Brie pulls off well.
Chrissy is literally glowing in her stunning attire! She looked gorgeous showing off her bump and I love the fact she had to be sewn into this beauty.
Another bold red dress, worn beautifully by Charlize. Such a bold neckline, but finished off lovely with that necklace sitting in place and showing just the right amount of boob to keep it classy.

My Least Favourites
Left to right, top to bottom.
I'm really not a fan of this dress. I think its the shininess of it! Looks like Kate has been dressed in a load of bin liners. Think she could have gone for something more eye-catching and flattering.
I don't know what to say here. What is it? What is the purpose of it? Does nothing for poor Charlotte and it looks like she has pockets stitched onto her breast area. Not to mention the fact its not particular easy on the eye to look at.
I am all for a nice suit outfit, but come on Armani; whats going on here? For me i don't think the outfit matches. She definitely doesn't look like she should be going to a red carpet event in that. That jacket does nothing for the outfit and those clumpy shoes/boots don't go great either!
Poor Reese looks like she had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction! i like the colour and thats about it. The top part does not fit her and so you can clearly see her strapless bra from all directions. I like Reese, but think she made a bad choice here.
Another mess of a dress! Nothing major to say apart from it looks as though, someone got a load of plastic and draped it around Lily. Looks very cheap in my opinion.
Finally we have Whoopi. I love this woman in whatever she is in, but this dress does not flatter her in anyway! I think there is far too much going on with all the different cuts.

Well there we have it... Those are my choices for my fav and least fav gowns of the evening.
Did you watch it last night? Who did you think wowed everyone the most?

Love Hannah xx


  1. Amazing dresses, the red dress Luciana is wearing is definitely my favourite, so simple and elegant! I also love Priyanka's dress, though, it's perfect for spring! :) x


    1. I felt as though Luciana didn't get noticed as much as maybe she should have in this dress, which is why I added her :) but yes you're so right about Priyankas dress! Hannah x

  2. Luciana looks amazing!!! That dress is so nice!
    I definitely agree with all your least favourite ones... erm some of those dresses are quite interesting...
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Doesn't she just? Thanks for passing by :) yes I guess interesting is a polite way of putting it haha! Hannah xx