2016 Blog Plans & Goals...

For those of you who don't know I only started my blog on 6th October 2015. Being a newbie, not knowing anyone before I started and having such a huge response already, is truly amazing! I've met some great people, got a selection of girls in particular who I now officially can call my friends, (you know who you are) and all of this in the space of just three months! I am honestly so blown away.
It wasn't until I joined Twitter on 13 November 2015, that I realised just how many bloggers there are out there. I think it's fantastic to see so many men and women "doing their thang"!!

I always said I wouldn't get caught up in the stat watching game. So many people get sucked in and although views are an amazing thing to see go up and followers on Twitter, Instagram etc. for me its more about the response from you guys, feedback and interaction more than numbers. For these reason, I am not setting any goals in relation to this particular area.

If you look back at the post I wrote HERE when I first started the blog, you will see that my intention was to only post once a week for a while to see how things went and to then possibly change that to twice a week. Well I asked on Twitter just a few weeks after starting and the majority of you wanted at least two posts a week, so for the few weeks that is what I have been doing. I’m going to stick to just two posts a week for now. I don’t like to upload a post unless I’ve put a lot of thought into it and I am 100% satisfied with the content. The days will stay with Sundays and Wednesday. There may be times when I have a lot of things happening, or a load of good post ideas and in that case, I might decide to do a week of posts. Maybe I’ll call it #blogeek and start a new trend!!. :)
Going to stick again with the current time I upload, which I aim to be around 6/7pm GMT. Although (hopefully understandably), on days I am busy, have a lot going on and may have forgotten to schedule a post, it may be up slightly later than the mentioned time, BUT I will do my best.
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I’m not going to lie; I would love to work with more companies this year… I mean, who wouldn’t? BUT I will only ever agree to work with a company/product, that I know is something I will use more than the once for a review, or a company I hope to buy more from in the future. I will always give my honest opinion and if something doesn’t work for me, I’m not going to lie to you. What and have you try it for yourself and find it to be crap and then blame me for giving you false info? No thanks!

There is a possibility of a new series I hope to start on the blog at some point later in the year. I need to look into a few more things first before anything can be put into place, but I am not saying anymore just incase things don’t go ahead as planned.

This is going to remain the same. Still going to be sticking to a complete mix match of topics as originally planned. Although I do plan to make sure I have a lot more crafts, DIY, cooking/recipes, how to posts up on the blog this year! I love to make things and enjoy sharing how I did so with other people.

I really enjoy writing these posts. Again this is going to be something I am going to continue to write about at the end of each month, IF I have enough products to make it into my list that month.

As mentioned at the start of this post, I have met some fantastic people since I started and I would love to meet up with some of you guys who live locally. I’m so excited as I already have one meet up planned for the end of February with a bunch of lovely ladies and seriously cannot wait for that! Expect a very interesting post from that outing I’m sure haha!

Lastly I’m just going to continue having fun and enjoying what I’m doing!

That’s all guys. Hopefully if you didn’t already know about my posting days/times and what topics I cover on the blog, hopefully this post has giving you that information you needed?

Sorry this was not uploaded on Wednesday, but things were a little busy for me and I didn’t get time to edit before publishing. As I say I will never upload a post if I am not 100% satisfied and this was one of those occasions. Hope you can understand?

Enjoy your weekend, remember… its FRIDAY!!

Love Hannah xx

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  1. These are great goals, a blogging series sounds exciting! ;) I love meeting people through blogging, I have never been to a blogging event but I'm hoping to change that this year. :) x


    1. Thank you Mira. Yeah I'm excited to see what events are happening this year. Thanks for popping by. Love Hannah xx

  2. It's always great to have some kind of structure that suits your life and blogging needs :) Love the plan & the ideas, girlie. Ahh, the meet up sounds exciting- where is it going to be held? Am I there? lol
    Really hope to visit an event or two with other bloggers this year.
    Enjoy your weekend, hon <3
    xox Nadia

    1. Thanks for your comment hun! It's not so much a "meet up" it's just lunch with some friends. But I hope to keep an eye out for bloggers events this year I definitely would love to meet up with people xx

  3. This was a great little post Hannah!! I'm very intrigued to know what the series is?!?

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. I'm still thinking about if I should do it or not but I'll be sure to tell you once I've decided :) thanks for the comment hun x

  4. Those are some very good blog goals for this year! Hope you can keep up with them, I'm sure you will! I also love meeting new friends through blogging! :D

    xxx Ilse

    1. Thank you Ilse I hope so too haha! Love Hannah xx