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If you saw my "what I got for Christmas" post last month, you may have seen that Terry got me a MAC voucher as one of my presents? If you also follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the picture where I asked for some of your suggestions on what to get? As a side note, thanks to those who sent me their recommendations. Its official... I've lost my MAC virginity!
I ordered two lipsticks, a liner and a setting powder. I got to choose between a mascara sample at checkout, or the prep and prime - which is what I decided to go for.
I haven't had the chance to try out the setting powder, or the prep and prime yet. But I have given the lipsticks a "whirl" (see what I did there ;)) so will just give my first impressions on them...
MAC currently have an offer on some of their nude range, where you can get a lipstick and liner for just £24! Both the colours I chose were in this offer, but I only decided to get one as a set.
I was undecided between Whirl and Stone for ages. Stone was one I had originally wanted, but after seeing Whirl swatches online and thanks to you lot helping me out; I went with Whirl. This is the one I got as a set. So for £24 I got a matte lipstick and the matching liner. Ive quickly fallen in love with this shade. It's perfect and just what I was hoping for. A great brown nude that can be worn both day and night.
The next lippie I added to my basket was Mehr. This was another one I liked the look of, thanks to swatches I'd found via a Google search. Funnily enough, this was another shade a few people had recommended to me and I can see why. At the moment, its not my favourite of the two, but I know as the warmer weather starts and I want to brighten my lips; this will be perfect. Another matte nude, but with a more pinky undertone. Kind of; your lips but better type of look. I can see it being a favourite of mine in the summer, paired with a minimal, natural makeup look. 
So that's it for this MAC haul and my first ever purchase! I've still got a bit left over on the gift card, but I'll wait and see if they bring anything exciting out for Spring or Summer before spending it.

What's your favourite buy from MAC? Would also love to hear what your first purchase was!

Love Hannah xx


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  1. Fabulous post Hannah I love all of your mac purchases particularly Mehr Lipstick which I now want to go and buy. Some of my favourite products from mac are Hue lipstick which was my first purchase, Creme Cup Lipstick or Soft & Gentle Highlighter. Congrats on loosing your Mac virginity haha xx

    Heather |

  2. I LOVE mehr, it is so stunning. Whirl is too dark for me though, cannot believe this is your first bits from MAC though, I have so much from them now! Good first picks though :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. I bought the gel eyeliner YEARS ago but never really used it. Apart from that the only other MAC purchase was last year a the airport before my cruise, I bought a red lipstick. Though i've not worn it since that holiday haha. The shades you got look lovely, you'll have to do a post with pics of them on.
    Amy at Amy & More

  4. I'm reading this like, 'What's a setting powder?'
    I think its about time I learned about make-up... ��

  5. Your pics are beautiful darling.. When you try the setting powder please could you let me know? I really need to find a good one that is worth the money! I used the NYX one but it was shocking, it left a visible layer of white powder and I was not keen on it. Lots of love xxxx

  6. Great haul, I don't have the whirl lip liner but I have the lipstick and I love it!

    Sheer Beauty Blog