Writer's Block | Lack Of Inspiration | How To Deal With It

Writers block IS okay and it's not something to feel bad or ashamed about. Everyone suffers from time to time. I don't just mean us bloggers either, well known authors are familiar with it. So whether you're struggling with a new blogpost, having issues completing a school assignment, or trying to write a book, you're not alone!
Below are a few tips I've put together, which will hopefully help you the next time you've run out of inspiration.

- Take some time out. One of the most important points I think. Don't push something too hard if it's not coming to you. It'll show in your writing. With any form of writing, the readers like to feel emotion behind the text. It's very easy to read something and tell that there was no thought behind it, or that it was forced. Take time away from the situation. If it's a blog post; leave it. Come back to it when you have that passion back for that particular post. If it's an assignment and you have a deadline, pace yourself. There's no need to rush it. Work on it a little each day when you're feeling motivated.

- Read. Now you may not be feeling the urge to write, but how about reading? Talking from a bloggers point of view, reading other posts can be very inspiring. Get that thrill back by reading someone else's great content. The urge to write something just as good should come back to you. If they've written about a topic you've decided you'd actually like to talk about, that's okay. Just remember; copying is NOT okay and how about a little shoutout/mention to where your ideas came from?

- Sleep. Now this may sound like an obvious one, but sleep is an important factor. I don't know about you, but I start rambling and not making sense when I need to sleep? This is not the time you want to be writing. Again it will show in your work and to honest, why waste your time when you'll have to redo it all again?

- Find a space. This one may sound a bit odd for some, but trust me; having a certain space to go will help you heaps! Whether it be locked away in your room, your local coffee shop, or outside in the fresh air somewhere, (if it's good enough weather of course)! If you're sitting there thinking, "well I don't have access to the internet outside, how am I supposed to update the blog"? Draft up the post on a word document, or if you don't have a laptop handy, in the notes section of your phone. At least you'll have it all typed out there and then you can copy and paste it once you have a connection. I find the best place for me, is to go to a coffee shop. At home there will always be distractions and it's so easy to get sidetracked. I take a drive and go to a service station a few miles away, grab a coffee (or two) and sit there for a few hours typing away. There's no distractions and with it not being too close to home, there's a lower chance of bumping into someone you know who will distract you from your work.

- Don't feel guilty. A simple one, yet one that I've seen so many people feel. If you're feeling guilty, go back and read my first point. Feeling guilty isn't going to help you write. You haven't published a post for a week? So? You had your reasons. Don't feel like you've let your readers down. If they really are true fans, they'll just be glad to see you back when you feel like it. If you're someone who is concerned about stats and views, you can always upload a few extra posts when you're back feeling like yourself. Again, everyone gets like this from time to time. You're not the only one and there's nothing to feel guilty about.

So there are my tips for anyone out there who has, is or will maybe at some point, suffer with writers block. I have loads of draft posts, ones where I started writing and then just didn't feel like finishing there and then. I just go back and finish them when I feel like it. This post is one of them. I knew I wanted to write something, but couldn't remember all the things I wanted to point out. About 20 minutes ago I had the urge to write about it and here I am now at the end of the post.

I hope this has managed to help some of you in some way? Would love to hear if you've ever found yourself in this situation and how you got over writers block.

Love Hannah xx
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  1. Totally agree with you on these points! I tend to get writers block a lot. For me taking photo's help. But yea you should never feel guilty x

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

  2. Some really good tips here! I find taking a little break away from it all and then reading other peoples blogs always help inspire me!

    Tarnya xx

  3. This has helped me so much Hannah, I have been suffering with writers block recently so these tips have defiantly helped so thank you :) xx


  4. This is so helpful, I've been struggling with writers block for a while! Taking some time away really helped. I don't remember how I juggled all of this last year xx

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com

  5. Thanks for sharing this! I also find myself struggling with writers block from time to time, but what helps me sometimes is indeed to go read other blogs for inspiration! Also, sharing older posts again on Twitter and Instagram always help to still attract followers to your blog. And sometimes just scrolling through 'concept' posts might help too, like posts you have started on but never finished can suddenly give your inspiration a boost! :) Loved reading these helpful tips!

    xxx Ilse | www.ilsedanielle.com

  6. Great tips! I'll definitely look back at this if I ever struggle again..

  7. Hannah, I and I'm sure many others have been here numerous times before and will probably get back there in the future. I agree with you, taking a break is probably the most refreshing thing to do, coming back more inspired and motivated than ever. Great post x

    Shannon // Shannonkara.com

  8. Lovely post and I could agree with you more!

    Lauren x