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Before we begin with the review, I hold my hands up to say I judged too quickly with this product. Had I not given it a second chance, this review would have been very different to how it will be now!

Straightening brushes have gone a little crazy over the last few years. Gone are the days when the only way to get perfectly straight hair was with an iron!
And yes while we are mentioning irons, I have actually ironed my hair before to get it straight! Please do not try this at home, it is NOT advised! Okay so back to the point... Straightening irons are no longer the only product in the beauty world, to leave you with sleek locks. Why use a brush and straighteners, when someone thought to combine the two to make our lives a little easier?
As I am sure many of you have already seen, there are so many different brands out there, offering the same thing; it can be a little confusing and overwhelming trying to choose the prefect one! Faced with the uncertainty and all the different price tags, it can become a headache when deciding which one to go for.
When Irresistible Me* contacted me to see if I would like to collab on a post with them, I jumped at the chance at soon as I saw they sold their own version of a straightening brush.
They gave me the option to sample out their hair extensions, or to choose between their straightening iron, or brush. I don't wear extensions and although they have a great selection, they wasn't for me. The straighteners look lovely, in a gorgeous vibrant red, but since I have my trusty GHD's, I decided against them. Which finally brings us to the straightening brush.

A lovely mint green design, LCD display screen to show the temperature setting and a 360 degree swivel cord, making it easy to manoeuvre. Being able to choose what heat setting you wish to have the brush on, is a great feature; ranging from 130C to 230C.
But the best in my eyes, is that it is non-damaging to your hair! The bristles have ceramic tourmaline surface, that heats up quickly and straightens your hair without heat damage.
One of the benefits from the brush, are the bristles. The way the brush has been designed, means that you cannot burn your head. If you look at the pictures, all the black areas around the brush head, do not heat up. Meaning the heat comes from the base and the silver bristle parts. if you're accident prone like me, then this will certainly come in handy.
I want to point out, that since Irresistible Me are an American company, the brush comes with a USA plug. I managed to purchase an adaptor off eBay for around £1.50.

Lets talk about the results. First time around, I was in a rush, had somewhere to go and I gave up on them. Deciding they wouldn't work on my hair, I thought I would test them out on my mum, who has finer hair than me. They worked great and within 10 mins her hair was done. As her hair is thin its got a natural straightness to it anyway, but by using the brush it straightened out her flicky ends and got rid of the slight frizz.

After seeing my mum's results, I decided I wanted to give them another try. I picked an afternoon where i had time to relax and didn't have to stress about my time. When I wash my hair, I don't blow dry it straight. My idea of a blow dry is simply holding the hairdryer over my head until its dry. It ends up a great big, frizzy mess, until I go over it with my straighteners.

As you can see from the photos below, my hair before using the brush was a frizz-ball. A complete mess. In just 20 mins, my hair was transformed! Now don't get me wrong, it only takes me 10 with my GHD's, but when I first started using them it would take me 20-30 minutes! Since this was my first "proper" attempt using the brush, I'm pretty impressed with how quickly they worked. Over time as I get used to them, I think that time will definitely go down.
In all honesty, I will still use my GHD's as my first choice, but I'll use the brush on the days when my hair just need a quick top up. What are your thoughts? Have you ever used a straightening brush? Have you ever heard of Irresistible Me? Click here to be redirected to this particular product.

*This item was sent to me as a PR sample, but all thoughts/views are my own.

Love Hannah xx
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  1. Loving the gorgeous results hun! The idea of a hair straightening brush is so fab and one I'm definitely interested in after reading your lovely review. So happy the results were a lot better the second time round, that's great <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. Thanks sweetie :) yeah I'm really happy I decided to give them another go. You'll have to let me know if you end up getting one in the end xx

  2. I have never heard of this straightening brush but it sounds amazing and judging from the photos it works really well. It is true that it is non-damaging? How does that work? Is it the material? Anyway, I feel like I need to give straightening brushes a try. Great review, as always xx

    1. Thanks Mira. Yeah it's something to do with the way the bristles are made, or made from. Sounds weird I know, but how fab?.xx

  3. I'm still a bit unsure, although the results look nice I'm not sure if they really beat GHD's or other straighteners?

    Lauren x |

    1. Oh no not at all. Sorry didn't mean that impression to come across. I still think nothing can beat my GHDs, but this is a nice alternative for the mornings where my hair doesn't need much attention xx

  4. Never heard of these mad contraptions before - but they look to work pretty well! I dont really use straightners anymore in fear of pure burning my hair, so the non-damaging qualities of this sound pretty cool. I too used to literally iron my hair hahahaha it was a rite of passage - were you even a teenager if you've never tried this?!

    N xx | Lovelaughslipstick x

    1. Haha oh god I'm so glad I wasn't alone there then :) yeah I was really surprised to hear they don't damage your hair xx