Life Update | Quitting My Job | What Does It Mean For The Blog?

Good morning. I know the blogging world is divided in two when it comes to these kind of posts, but hey I like reading other people's, so why not write my own? Plus as I've mentioned before, I started the blog for me. To be able to use it as a platform to look back on and see what I did with my life, so unfortunately if you are one of those people who doesn't like these posts...  #SorryNotSorry
September has been a really hectic month for me and I guess kind of bitter/sweet.
As you would have already read from the title, I've quit my job.

I've had enough and although I had started looking to secure another job before leaving my current one, I've decided enough is enough. I refuse to work for a company that expect to get respect from their employees, yet they give none in return. Thats not how life works I'm afraid.
It had come to light over the last few weeks, just how vile and nasty the owner had been to an apprentice we have had working with us since November 2015. I was appalled and have no idea how this poor girl has gone on working all this time, having to deal with that kind of verbal abuse. The worst part is the owner then mentioned about two weeks ago, that she expected me as a manager to also talk down to the apprentice in mention! What planet are some people living on? Like seriously?

Because I disagreed, her verbal abuse soon turned in my direction and I'm sorry but if you think you can yell and shout at me and I'm just going to sit there, take it all in an not stand up for myself... No way!! So due to some recent events I've basically told them to stick their job where the sun don't shine.

Although this now means I am unemployed, I couldn't be happier getting away from the place.

I now have time on my hands! I have time to do the endless list of things to do I had when I was working..
  • I can carry on with re-organising and re-decorating my bedroom. Getting it all set up and hopefully ready to start filming for YouTube for next year!
  • Before I started that job, I used to upcycle furniture. I brought loads of pieces and then started work, so never had the time to paint and sell the bits on. I now have the time to do those.
  • I can continue making phone cases and prints customised with Swarovski Elements until I find something else.
  • Lastly, I can commit more time to the blog!!! This is one I'm most excited about.
Since September started, where I have been so preoccupied with work and stressing about work issues, I've neglected my blog :(
I have so many draft posts that I've started to write but never finished, as well as blog collab with brands that need writing. I'm just looking forward to getting stuck back in and bringing you guys some good content.
Now I'm off I can experiment more with my crafts and DIY's, so they'll be more of those posts too.

Thankfully, both Terry and my parents have seen the correspondence I've had with work over the last week, and without me having to say anything, they all straight away told me not to go back. With their support and reassurance, it made the decision a lot easier and feels like a weight has been lifted.

But anyway.... On a different note, my Dad turned 60 on Sunday (25th) and so on Saturday we had a family party to celebrate. Considering there wasn't loads of us, it was still an eventful night and everyone enjoyed themselves.

I can't believe its October next week already! Like where did September go? Feel like I blinked and its over. More importantly, where has the year gone? Come next week, I would have started the blog a year ago! Madness...

Whats your current life update? Have you had a good month? Anything exciting happen? Have you ever had to leave a job because you simply couldn't take anymore?

Love Hannah xx
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  1. Ahhhhh! I am so happy for you, you mentioned there was issues with your manager.. Honestly life is too short to grin and bare things like that, do what's right for you and you clearly have. It is amazing Terry and your parents are right behind you also! Makes such a difference to have a support system in times like this.
    Yes to starting your YouTube channel 😜 We will be youtubers soon!
    Lovely post sweetheart I'm happy for you. Xxx

  2. sucks you have had so much bother with your job lovely. But sometimes its better just to call it quits, well done for being brave enough to just do it :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. Good for you for making that decision and refusing to work with someone who can act so inhumanely to other employees! Wishing you the best of luck in all you do!

  4. Well done for having the courage to speak back, none of us should tolerate such behaviour from anyone, boss, family member, friend, stranger etc. Verbal abuse is serious and I am glad you moved away from this horrible person!


  5. Well done for quitting, from the way you describe it it sounds like you made a good decision by leaving. I know that quitting is scary, but working in a toxic environment really doesn't do any good and I am proud of you for standing up to your boss. No one should be treated with such disrespect and I can't believe that the poor was being verbally abused, that's awful. I once had to leave a job, too, it was only a holiday job but after two weeks I couldn't take it anymore. We had to leave the house by 7 and only came back after midnight so we literally got no sleep at all. We were all day but the absolute worst thing was how much pressure our boss put on us. We were threatened to get fired every single day if we didn't reach a particular score and on top of that my boss kept making disrespectful comments about me. After two weeks I told them I was leaving and it was the best feeling ever, I should have done that straight away. Anyway, my month was really good and busy, as you know I started uni and I've met some great people :) xx