Blogs I'm Loving ATM..

Back in January I did a post, where I named a few of my current favourite bloggers. While I am still loving all those mentioned in that post HERE, since then I have stumbled across a few more and thought I would share a couple of them with you.
*There are a few more that aren't featured in today's post, but I'll maybe do one next month and add them in there. These are not in any particular order of favouritism, they're just randomly laid out.

First up is Mira..
Twitter: @Mira113
Instagram: @113thingstosay
I really enjoy reading Mira's post. They suck you in and you can actually
visualise the places she visits yourself. I believe the blog is mainly travel
and lifestyle, but it's not limited to just those, as Mira also writes
the odd beauty post. Why not pop over and see all the amazing places she's
been lucky enough to travel to?
Secondly we have Megan..
Twitter: @MeganMccoig
Instagram: @meganmccoig
Although Megan's blog isn't entirely Beauty related, I think it's fair to say that it's
the main category on there. Megan's always sharing her latest beauty/makeup hauls
and reviews and she does a great job at it! I think you'll have to go pay her a visit to see
what I mean :)

Thirdly is Heather..
Twitter: @HeathersWorld96
Instagram: @heathersworld96
Like myself, Heather uploads a wide range of different posts. If you pop
along to her page, you'll be able to find OOTD posts, cooking,
beauty and more!
Forth on my list is Rachel..
Twitter: @rbb_xo
Instagram: @rbb_xox
Again we have another very dangerous blog to get hooked on! As the name
suggests, Rachel's blog is beauty based. Be warned, Rachel is very good at
making you want to go out and spend your money ;)

Fifth on my list is Shannon..
Twitter: @ShannonKara_
Instagram: @shannonkara_
Now I've only started talking to Shannon over the last month or two, so only
recently discovered her blog. It's definitely one I wish I knew about sooner, but
I guess I just have to look forward to what comes next :) I want to say
Shannon's main focus is around lifestyle, (sorry if that's wrong Shannon!) although she
does add a good amount of beauty and fashion related posts too!

Last but not least is Tamzin..
Twitter: @TamzinSwann
Instagram: @tmznloves
Tamzin's blog is mainly aimed around beauty, although there are a good handful
of lifestyle posts added here and there. Tamzin clearly puts a lot of thought
and effort into each post.

So those are 6 blogs I am enjoying reading at the moment. As I mentioned at the beginning, I am still loving reading those mentioned in my first post, so I will leave their links below. 
What blogs are you loving right now? Why not share the love and mention them below in the comments?
Love Hannah xx
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  1. Thank you for including me :-). I'll check out all the others too! x

    Tamz |

    1. You're welcome hun! Thank you for providing an interesting blog to read lol ;) Hannah xx

  2. Awwh thank you so much for including me, will defiantly be checking out everyones blog mentioned. :)xx

    1. You're welcome hun! Thank you for providing an interesting blog to read lol ;) that would be great to show them some support, thank you! Hannah xx

  3. Hannah you are so sweet for this - thank you! It has been a short while but glad we've run into each other! Your blog is amazing and I enjoy participating in your weekly chat #LNChitChat (which I will be hosting this coming weds #selfpromo lol) and yes lifestyle is a big part of my blog, I pretty much post whatever I fee like hehe! I'll be sure to check the other blogs you've posted in this and your other post xx

    Shannon //

    1. Haha you never fail to make me laugh!! Nothing wrong with a cheeky self promo ;) but yes, I'm also glad we have run into each other! Hannah xx

  4. Thank you so much for talking about my blog, that really means a lot! I also love reading yours and I'm very happy that I came across the #LNChitChat! ;) Oh and my blog is definitely a travel & lifestyle blog although I started it as a beauty blog haha. I would love to do more fashion posts though, I'm currently working on that. ;) xx

  5. woot, these blogs sound great and judging by the comments the respective authors left in this post they sound wonderful as well! will check out their blogs now.

  6. I do know a few bloggers you mentioned here and they are lovely :) Thanks for spreading love & kindness, Hannah <3 It's always great to lift each other up. You are doing a fab job, sweetie!
    xox Nadia