Mini Lush Haul & Review

Evening guys..

I'm not if I should be telling you bloggers off right now, or thanking you for persuading me to go out and buy some Lush products!! Maybe a bit of both?
You should all be ashamed of yourselves for writing such persuasive posts about Lush ;) especially since it's not the kindest thing to your bank balance haha!
Buuut at the same time, thank you. Thank you because I now have a new favourite face mask, that leaves me with "the" softest skin after using it!!

I’ve always known about "lush" and have been into some of their stores a few times in the past, but never have I "actually" brought something from there before. When I was younger (talking 10 or more years ago maybe), my dad took me to one in London and I just remember hating the smell. Too much of everything in such a small space, mixed in together wasn't a "pleasant" smell back then for little old me. That experience had always stuck in my mind, so I used to find it easy to just stroll past a store without a care in the world about going in. Now that's not the case! Ever since I've got into blogging and heard sooo many bloggers mention certain products from "lush" I started to wonder what all the fuss was about?
It wasn't until a few weeks back when I started seeing loads of posts pop up, about one particular product that is only available around the Christmas period. I then saw Amy’s mention of SNOW FAIRY in her monthly favourites (click here) and decided I wanted to buy a bottle to try it for myself.

So the other week I popped down to Romford and realised they have a Lush store there, (which after numerous time of going there before only saw it on that particular day)!
I dragged Terry (the "boyfriend”) in with me and was determined to leave with a bottle of snow fairy. Well I did... But we also ended up leaving with a couple more items too!!..

SNOW FAIRY 100g £3.95
Let’s start off with Snow Fairy since it's the one I purposely went in to buy. I decided to go for the smallest bottle since I've never used it before and wasn't sure what I'd think…
The smell from the bottle and when you're applying it, is so good. You get a really good lather, so a little does go a long way which is a bonus. It makes your skin "squeaky" (literally) clean and leaves your skin feeling very soft after use.
The only disappointment I found is that once you've washed it off, the smell doesn't remain on your skin. At least it doesn't for me anyway.
Nice as a treat/pamper evening product, or something you're only going to use a couple times a week, but in my (personal opinion) not for everyday use, purely because of the price.
I usually use Nivea shower gel/cream twice a day and tend to go through a 250ml bottle maybe every 2 weeks.
If you compare the prices; £2-£4 (depending if they are on half price sale at the time or normal price) per month on my normal shower wash compared to £15.90 a month for the Snow Fairy, there is a bit of a difference. For a product that gives me the same results as my existing, cheaper product, I won't be switching for everyday use I'm afraid, but will be using as a treat :)


I am in love with this mask! It smells great and leaves your face feeling so refreshed after using. Bit strange every now and then when you get a “lump” of seaweed on your face, but hey at least you know its natural right? The only slight downer for me is the expiry date. Since its all fresh it must be used within 3 weeks. Since little is needed each time you use it, I could quiet easily make it last for about 1/2 months if used once/twice a week, but due to the expiry date I need to try and use it as often as possible!
Not as keen on this mask as the Seaweed one. Still does a great job with leaving your skin feeling smooth after use, but I’m not a fan on the smell to be honest. Plus its a little more runny. Luckily, this was the one Terry (the boyfriend), wanted and he’s pleasantly happy using it, so he’s a fan just not me.


Terry’s choice… Smells fantastic, tastes great and makes your lips super smooth! What else could you want? These scrubs are a great buy and leave your lips feeling revitalised.
This was the one I chose; I was simply SOLD just from the smell! It is amazing and you really do just want to eat the tub! Unfortunately, this one doesn’t taste as nice as the Mint Julips, but in a way I suppose that’s a good thing as it means I wont be “overusing” just to get my daily does of bubblegum hehe! The results are just as good as Julips, so if we’re comparing the outcome, there is no difference there; they are both fab!

That’s it guys! Thanks for popping by hope you enjoyed this post? Again as always, please do feel free to pop a comment below to say you popped by. I love receiving comments and I do answer to them when I get a chance!
Have you used any of the above products? Got a favourite from the list? Or something you think I should give a try? Let me know in the comments!

Until Sunday guys, have a great week.

Love Hannah xx


  1. I loved Lush snowfairy!! I have the cupcake facemask, it's my favourite xx

    Tamz ||

    1. Thanks for popping by.. I am loving Snow Fairy more as i am using it, but still don't think i'll be switching for everyday use... At least not just yet anyway :)
      Hannah xx

  2. I'll have to check out snow fairy and those lip scrubs look amazing too!

    Roses & Rouge Lifestyle Blog

    1. Hey Courtney thanks for passing by and for the comment! I would definitely say to give them a try and see for yourself what you think of them :)
      Hannah xx