German Christmas Market.. A Trip To Birmingham

For the last few years I've always fancied going up to the "German Christmas Market" in Birmingham. Last year I can't complain about as we were in America for 3 weeks at Christmas, but the year before that Terry had to work so we couldn't go. This year we both have a couple of weeks off over Christmas, so when I found out I straight away told him we were going and went ahead and booked our hotel!

We left his Sunday morning around 8am and started heading up north. The journey was pretty smooth actually and only took around 2 hours, once you take out the "toilet trips" and food break!
I booked us a night at The Aparthotel Adagio in Birmingham via – the staff who assisted me with my booking were very helpful. The hotel itself was lovely, clean and security was done well, so great place to stay if you’re ever in need f a place there.

So anyway, back to the trip! I know its too late this year to go, but next year if you live nearby, or you’re able to even drive up/down to Birmingham for a day, I would so recommend it. The market is just a lovely place to visit and hey if you’re not feeling very festive, its sure to change your mind!
The only negative thing I want to add, if the fact that they have two markets within a 3-5min walk of each other. Both of them belong to the “same market” as such, but for example, one part has gifts, food, drink, music and the other part is classed as the craft market. Again with food and drink, but also an ice rink, Ferris Wheel and craft stalls. We personally didn’t find the “craft” side to be the better side and spent most of our time in the more “foodie” side.

We had some lovely mulled wine, great hot dogs and some amazing garlic bread with cheese! Yeah I’m not usually a huge fan of garlic bread, but Terry got a piece, I tried it and I had to go back to get myself some it was THAT good!
If you do ever go you must try it! Or if you have been and have tried it, let me know what you thought.

Going to keep this post short and sweet, but will include photos for you all to see. Please just remember photos were taken on my iPhone 5, so wont be the best quality.

I hoe you all have a wonderful Christmas doing whatever you may have planned, get lots of goodies and I shall see you on the other side :)

Love Hannah xx

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