Blog Plan...

So some of you may be wondering what this blog page is going to be about?..
In all honesty I'm not entirely sure myself :) a bit of a mish mash... 

Crafts, DIY projects, home decor maybe, cooking, travel beauty and if I have enough to share that month; monthly favourites? 

If any of you ever have a suggestion on something you'd like me to show/write about, please feel free to let me know and I'll see what I can do :)

To start with, once a week. I'll stick to every Sunday. That way I will have the whole week to work on a post that I feel is good enough to share with anyone who maybe reading. If things go well then I'll try twice a week, but I don't want commit to that just yet. This is something new to me too, so need to get into the swing of things :) 

I'm away next week, so might not have a post to upload this Sunday (11th October). If I have time before will try to get one done beforehand, but if not I will start off from the following Sunday (18th).

Love Hannah x
*Picture not mine, was found on Google*

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